Kingsway Broadband Issues?

Friday, April 7th, 2017

There has been much communication and frustration about problems with high-speed broadband access in Kingsway:

Title: Date: # Comments:
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Fibre Broadband 14/06/2015 19
Fibre Broadband Providers (Marham Drive) 27/05/2014 51
Virgin Media / BT Infinity 10/02/2012 25
BT – The Race To Infinity 27/10/2010 14
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Recently I received a telephone call from a local company (in Wickwar) called Rural Broadband, who offer:

“Completely unlimited broadband, Unlimited landline calls,
Actual speeds, not β€˜up to’
100Mb download / 100Mb upload
No line rental
Free transfer of your landline number”

The ‘phone call was followed by an email which said:

“Hi Clive,

I hear parts of Kingsway are untouched in the faster broadband stakes. Do you have any idea of how many? Or even a geographical idea of the size of Kingsway that has not got fibre?

I just need a little more information at my end

As for the technology, we have just proved in Stone that wireless does not have to be less than 20Mb and a 10Gb cap. Or in 4G that also comes with a cap.

We spend on the best equipment, so that the consumer units can accept up to 500Mb. Virtually futureproofing for the next fair few years.

It can also completely cover a village and it’s surrounding areas. The antennae can easily distribute 100Mb to properties 3 miles away. So somewhere as concise as Kingsway wouldn’t pose any problems for us.

I can also make a Registered Interest section for Kingsway on our website if you need it.
But if you think it will be a good uptake, we would happily arrange a meeting up there for those disgruntled residents.

Any questions, give me a ring or drop me a line.

Simon Rowley
Technical Director
Rural Broadband
0333 0111 757″

Those of you who have followed the conversations on here will know that I am no expert on this subject, and – speaking personally – I have an OK internet connection through Sky Broadband which is good enough for me; but I know that many local folk find it too slow and are frustrated by the lack of alternatives.

The Kingsway Residents’ Association had a member called Paul Barker, who was very knowledgeable on this subject, but has sadly left the area, so I’m struggling to know enough to answer Simon’s Questions.

Ideally I would like someone with more knowledge on the subject (and perhaps someone who is suffering from these issues) to volunteer to liaise with Simon on this. Failing that – if I get enough response – I will contact him with the information myself and – if the demand is there – we can invite him to visit and meet with residents to discuss the possibilities.

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    I will be happy to sign. I have just moved in to Uxbridge lane and was shocked by the lack of fiber availablity there :'(

    Thanks Suresh V πŸ™‚

    As my day to day work is pure technical, let me know if any help or info needed on technical aspects, as Paul Barker has left.

    Thank you.

    Are there 70 people interested for this?       [Editors Note: See this comment/post].
    Even i had a call with Simon today and get to know that Dave has already contacted him.
    Can we collate 70 users, before they start theie next project?

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for that πŸ™‚

    I had a chat with Simon from Rural Broadband today and he sad that all he needs is a minimum of 70 names who are interested in his broadband service in order to begin in Kingsway. He also states that the installation fee is Β£150 and you are not tied into any contract.

    For someone like me who is on cabinet 34 I am very much interested in this. Also Β£42 a month with no line rental and 100Mb up and down seems reasonable to me.

    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for posting πŸ™‚

    Martin McDowell
    June 5, 2017 at 6:28 pm


    I’ve been looking at this issue since I moved to the area last year having put up with an average 1.5-2MB download speed for the past year, which frankly is back to the early days of home broadband and really not fit for purpose.

    I’ve tried speaking with BT on several occasions, who basically deny any “throttling” of the lines at their end – I can tell you right now that is false. I’ve had five times the speed on much older copper wire lines located further from an exchange and with several metres of extensions between phone socket and PC, so the copper wire lines can clearly take more as can be seen by the higher speeds some other providers are able to offer. A friend of mine who lives up on Snetterton Heath – so about the same distance from the cabinet as me – manages a 12MB connection with BT and it seems crazy to have such a big difference.

    Virgin Media won’t look at the area until any construction is finished and even then it depends on commercial considerations (i.e. enough interest) to move it up their installation list.

    I don’t think the wireless option that the Wickwar company has suggested is the solution – my partner works in IT and says that while it could be a solution, it does have its drawbacks usually in terms of latency/lag. Basically, we need to have Cabinet 34 upgraded. The problem I understand speaking with the Openreach engineers is that even when that happens, they would only start with bundles of 150 lines at a time which would get taken up instantly so you’d be waiting a while for them to install more fibre connections to cover everyone. The irony is that the ducting for the fibre connections is already installed down Rudloe Drive – they’re just empty at present – so its not even like they’d be starting from scratch.

    The only viable route I’ve found is the Community Fibre Partnership route. The downside is that the community has to do the legwork to determine interest and potentially has to pay towards the upgrade (although the more people interested, presumably the cheaper that would be). The upside is that apparently up to Β£20k in funding can be obtained if the infrastructure in question would also serve a school (well Waterwells Primary is right next to it so at least that box is checked!).

    Apologies for the ramble and possibly repeating stuff you might already know.

    Hi Graham,

    Thanks for the feedback.
    (Sorry it took me a few days to approve your comment as I was away in Cornwall)!

    Afraid I got fed up waiting for Virgin Media to get themselves into gear with installing fibre optic broadband and have gone with EE; I’ve got fibre optic and it seems fine.

    Thanks for that info’ aston69 πŸ™‚

    Well I know that cabinet 34, on Boulmer ave. does not have fibre. So I’m sure all the roads around there and the school may be interested.

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