2017 Kingsway Big Lunch & Dog Show

Friday, March 31st, 2017

The 2017 Kingsway Big Lunch & Dog Show Event will take place on Sunday June 4th, from 12PM to 4PM, on Kingsway Sports Field (behind the pavilion, opposite Asda).

Details are as follows:

KRA Big Lunch & Dog Show: 2017

Dave Talbot (KRA Chair) recently said:

“We now have a fair amount of entertainment with the Band, 2 community choirs and Kingsway African drummers. Quedgeley Wanderers and Quedgeley & Hardwicke Harlequins will be running events throughout the day, the rugby team are doing Tug of War and ‘Kick the ball over the posts’ and the football team have a massive inflatable goal with targets to hit etc.
We also have an official photographer for the day, offering his services for free. still waiting to confirm some exotic animals as well.”

With the 2016 Big Lunch having attracted more than 3,000 residents and neighbours, we have high hopes that this year’s event will be even more popular, so make a date in your diary and come along and join us on the day.

2 Responses to “2017 Kingsway Big Lunch & Dog Show”

    Finally received the images from the event: See HERE for the gallery.

    Don’t miss the event this Sunday, weather permitting it’s set to be our biggest Big Lunch yet 🙂

    For the record:

    The first Kingsway Big lunch was organised in July 2009 but cancelled due to horrible weather 🙁

    The first successful Kingsway Big Lunch took place in July 2010:Picture Gallery

    We organised another Big Lunch in 2011… Once again the weather was horrible, but a few people still turned up.
    (Not enough for us to take pictures but I believe the Citizen did that year)! 😉

    The 2012 “Jubilee Big Lunch” was brilliant:

    At the 2013 Big Lunch we even had donkey rides!

    2014 Big LunchPicture Gallery

    The 2015 Big Lunch was massive; (and the first at the new Kingsway Sports Centre)!

    And Last Year: 2016 Big Lunch

    Weather permitting this year’s event will be MASSIVE 😀

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