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Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Hi Folks,

At the start of last week I had a problem with my Sky internet connection.
Sky said my router firmware needed upgrading and took several days to deliver a new disk. When it arrived I rang them for installation instructions and was informed that the disk was the wrong one 🙄 so they sent me a new router, which arrived today (yippee)!

I’ve been using Sky Broadband since moving here (2.3 years ago) and have had an excellent service; in fact I can only remember 2 problems. One was on a Sunday night / Monday morning when the network was “down for maintenance” from 2am to 6am (or something like that) which probably didn’t affect many other people (as I recall I was busy that weekend – lol)!
The other problem was apparently a BT problem, which lasted for a few hours.

Sky use a BT exchange for the Hardwicke area (which is why their “unlimited access” broadband service isn’t available in this area). When I first learned of this (back in 2006), I was worried that an access limit might affect me. Sky did say that they would be installing their own exchange within 12 months, after which the unlimited access service would be available, but – from what they recently told me – I gather they still use BT.
With all that said I’ve been very impressed by their broadband facility thus far and have had no problems whatsoever with the access limit!

As an ex Blueyonder customer, I was mortified to hear that they had no intention of servicing Kingsway (“now or in the future” according to Blueyonder customer services); now I’m no longer bothered.

From my web stat’s I can see that there are several other broadband sevices used locally…
How do they compare with Sky?
Also other Sky users, how have you found the service?

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    The development is ever growing, and BT are connecting each of the sections as they become live which adds more people to the local exchange, and therefore slows speed usage. I have clarification from Mr Warren Buckley (Customer Service Director) BT – that our local exchange (Hardwicke) will be fully up-graded for BT Infinity as of December this year. I have direct access with Mr Buckley, so will maintain any up-dates as they arrive.

    How this is possible that the postcode GL2 2DL can have 10 mb from Be and my postcode which is GL2 2FE can only have 4.10 mb from TalkTalk ?
    Can`t have from Be – they can`t see me on the system yet.
    Do you know why there is so huge difference ?

    I have just moved from Plusnet Pro to BE, their Pro Unlimited. All I can say is WOW – what a difference! So much faster and no longer getting charged for going over the cap, as there isn’t one 🙂
    My sync’ speed is 13k for those interested.

    holbeach miserable
    August 19, 2009 at 3:00 pm

    All I can say people, is get yourself on O2.

    No Bandwith throttling

    No Download Limits

    No Worries..


    Im on BT but interestingly enough, when I first moved in over 2 years ago my internet connection was super fast. I now note that things are getting somewhat slower!
    I have questioned BT over this and they give no answers!
    One assumes this could be caused by the new school and the other 3-4 hundred or so extra houses tapping in since I moved in?

    You may want to try one of these; cuts out a lot of noise on the line and improved my speed by about a Meg!

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for joining, and posting 😀

    Sounds bad to me… I don’t have the same issues with my Sky connection, although I am peeved that they still haven’t installed their own local exchange.

    Good Luck – I hope you get your problems solved.

    I live in Kingsway and I think the internet service is incredibly poor. Sky connect (basically Sky through a – rented – BT line) which is who I’m with and TBH I think its the most poor service there ever has been as an ISP.
    At present I get just under 6 Meg Broadband, then 5 o’clock PM comes and it’s a different story!
    Then they put a cap on my line so I get a whopping downspeed of… (ready)? 256kbps!
    That then lasts up until about midnight! Not good when you gotta be up for work 6 hours later.
    So I get home from work at 5.30pm and sometimes can’t even load up pages! Pathetic service.
    I DJ a lot on one of my regular websites at weekends and most mornings before I go to work.
    With a massive upspeed of 3.6 kbps I can’t share photos on Facebook throughout the week as it takes an age.
    If anyone has got any solutions to overcome this by changing to another isp , I would be forever grateful. I used to enjoy online gaming as well (farcry my fave lol) but can’t even do that anymore.
    I wish I’d never signed up for Sky Connect.
    If someone can help me please leave a reply, and sorry for hijacking the thread – lol

    holbeach miserable
    April 28, 2009 at 12:55 pm


    I agree that BE and O2 are also one and the same provider. When I do a speedtest it shows my provider as BE, yet I’m with O2.

    And for £7.50 a month, 8Mbps and unlimited downloads… I am not moving providers!

    Happy surfing/gaming people 🙂


    Holbeach Misrable (Just had some good news, so not too miserable at the moment)!

    As far as the £125 BT line charge goes, Sky will refund it if you push them hard. I had my BT line installed then sent the bill to Sky and they deducted it from my bills meaning I didn’t have to pay them a penny for many months!
    Probably too late for most on here but if you know of new people moving in please do mention it to them, it could save some people the (in my eyes ludicrously large) fee.

    O2 and BE are one and the same, 02 bought BE a couple of years ago.

    April 6, 2009 at 1:13 pm

    Before I moved to Kingsway I was on Virgin Media and never had a problem. After moving to Kingway obviously I was not going to get that service there being a new development.
    Looking at what was available, unless I forked out the initial £125.00 for a BT line there wasn’t alot I could do.
    After enquiring at 3 regarding their Mobile Broadband the coverage seemed like it should be fine so thats what I got. However, after fiddling around we finally managed to get about two bars of signal, which stated connecting @ 3.6kps the pages took ages and regularly froze. (Take it over to Tuffley, full bar all the time)!
    We have since had a BT line and looked at the best value for money provider, which we found to be O2 home broadband, going for the middle package we had a 20kps speed, unlimited download, free router and free for the first three months.

    I have to say that it is faultless and that we are very pleased with it; I would recommend it to any looking for broadband.

    This link shows the detail of which Broadband providers are able to supply through the Hardwicke Exchange. In particular, the providers which are listed as being LLU (Local Link Unbundled) are the ones that are available to Kingsway. Sky’s package is supplied through BT as a ‘sub-contract’.

    We were also previously with Blueyonder (via Telewest) before moving here, and have also suffered two issues since being with Sky for just over two years now. One was the ‘BT’ problem that lasted a few hours, and the second was where I could only get locally cached content. Both were resolved by me removing the power to the router for 30 minutes or so. I won’t even phone them for support now as the second time I called I was basically told by their Tech Support that the 4 network leads that I was using to perform their tests were faulty(!) As it turned out, and as mentioned, I fixed it by powering down the router for 30 minutes – worth a try in future should you ave any problems!

    I have been on Virgin for about 6 months or so after Sky. I found sky dropped a bit through the day and they had locked the modem up so i couldn’t adjust things. Virgin have been fine so far, but as it is essentially the same exchange, it isn’t radically better. As chumly says, BE have their own wiring in the Hardwick exchange so they can deliver better service, so has TalkTalk. I think I will be moving from Virgin after this contract ends for something like BE which is supposed to be better quality.

    BE ( are great, i get about 16mb connection in kingsway. I was with sky and was annoyed that I couldn’t get the cheaper service (was on max) so the BE service was the same price and unlimited and way faster.

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