Happy New Year Kingsway Village

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

(…better late than never) 😆

Following my "Where was I" post in December, (I do hope you all had a merry christmas) last year ended in a bit of a haze for me as I struggled to catch up with my work, and the new year started the same way!

I’ve been so busy that I have hardly stopped for breath and – as I write, I can hear Phoenix grumbling (she’s off school and in bed with a sore throat)!

I’ve been neglecting this website, and my role on the Residents Association (sorry folks) and have a steadily increasing queue of customers – and local matters, awaiting my attention 🙁

I’m still awaiting help to fix the Article Submission facility, and – from the lack of posts/comments on here (despite a steady stream of visitors) I can only assume that you’re all in the same boat!

I now (officially) hate Christmas 😆

Let’s hope things calm down soon…

Happy New Year (2010) Kingsway Villagers!

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