Happy Birthday Kingsway Villagers

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

2 years ago today I officially launched this site with my Welcome To Kingsway message.

Since then we have grown to include 192 Posts and those posts have generated 1,075 (approved) comments 😯

We have also initiated our own Residents Association and become actively involved in the development of the Village, local community Policing and many other local activities.

Right now we have 238 registered contributors and users and a LOT more regular readers (who don’t have to register, but visit the site on a regular basis)… (Note: I remove “false users / blog spammers” every day, so the 238 registered members are genuine)!

In July we attracted around 122,000 hits (4,062 per day).

Of the 192 Posts, 86 were written by me and 106 posts have been written and submitted by YOU.

So – as I originally intended – this really is Our Community Website… not mine.

I want to say a great big THANK YOU to all those of you who have contributed to help make the site a (huge) success 😀

In a recent post I mentioned the up-coming anniversary and my intention to make some changes / add some new facilities.
My recent workload, the kids summer holidays and other things have – as I anticipated – conspired to stop me from achieving this before today, but I will be working on it very shortly.

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    Hi James,

    Thanks for joining in 🙂

    I moved your post here, which is (I think) what you were talking about.

    I’m still planning to expand the site (although recent new contracts have prevented me from getting on with it) but I first need some help with advertising sales (to raise the revenue to fund the expansion).
    If you’re interested in helping with that, please give me a call (or drop by) for more information… once I have that (and a few other things) in place I’ll talk more to you – and grahamc – about the site development 🙂

    Hi Clive,

    Have just joined the Blog and found a post from last year where you mention something about wanting people with web development and sales experience. Then I recall Baz and yourself mentioning it after the first resurrection of the RA. I work for the County Council and am responsible for a number of web sites and data bases (mainly from a Project Management perspective). I wonder if my skills and contacts could be of some benefit for the local community…and to my bank balance ;o)


    Hi Graham,

    Thanks for the info’.

    I need to put one or two things in place before I’m ready to look at the development stage, but I will contact you as soon as I am 😀


    Hi Clive,
    I have some web development experience (I’m a Perl developer, and have done a reasonable chunk of HTML and a little JavaScript too over the last few years), and would be happy to help out where necessary depending on what it is you need.

    If you’re still after someone, perhaps you could drop me a line by email – public09 [at] liquidfusion dot org dot uk – with some more details about what sort of development work you would like doing?


    I’ve been getting a lot of “outside interest” in the site recently, and I have plans to expand – both locally and nationally.

    If I do, I will need lots of help and will be sourcing much of it locally.

    Initially I am looking for an individual (preferably with sales experience) who’s interested in making some money (on a commission basis) for selling advertising (locally – at first, then expanding later on possibly to national advertisers).

    Ideally I’m looking for local people to do this, ‘though I will consider applicants from anywhere.

    I’d also like to talk to anybody with web development experience.

    If the project is successful, I hope – later on – to be able to offer work to more local people.

    Please post here or contact me by ‘phone or email.

    Hi c18m and Shane,

    Thank you both for your kind words… I’m sorry I didn’t respond earier, August was frantically busy for me (still is in fact) and I’ve missed a few comments and many emails over the last 6 weeks 🙁

    Hi Clive.
    You have done us proud and I often hear of the web site being referred to. Keep up the excellent work and maybe I can look forward to working with you a little closer soon 😆

    Well done and thank you Clive, for this fantastic site. It is very informative and is an effective way of building the community in this day of modern technology and people’s busy lives. Imagine the lack of communication and interaction in the village without it? 🙁
    Nice one!

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