Fantastic Halloween

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Thank you to everyone in Kingsway who joined in with Halloween this year.

My two girls had a fantastic time with so many people opening their doors and joining in the fun.

We felt very safe walking round our village last night, with lots of other families doing the same thing.

We also found it helpful that some people put up the “sorry no trick or treat” signs as it meant we didn’t stand waiting at doors that nobody answered and hopefully the people inside remained undisturbed.

Added by Editor:

First of all Jo, my apologies for delaying this post.

For the last 2 years I have added a Halloween post and I usually try to add a bunch of pictures of the local kids in their halloween costumes.
This year – due to illness (myself and Angelina) I wasn’t able to get out for the evening but I did try to get photographs of some of the trick-or-treaters who turned up at our door. Sadly it seems my camera was cursed, because none of the pictures were saved correctly (most likely I messed up… I’m definitely not “on form” at the moment)! So – to all those who agreed to have their pic’s taken and displayed – please accept my apologies.

Luckily Phoenix was able to get out and scrounge her (traditional) bucket of sweets and I did manage to (successfully) snap some pictures of her (and the cat) before she left:

Kingsway Halloween 2009 Kingsway Halloween 2009 Kingsway Halloween 2009

Once again it was great to see so many children enjoying the atmosphere and the event and our sincere thanks go to all Kingsway Residents for being so kind to them 🙂

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