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Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

In October 2008, Jason Dunsford posted a comment here about a new Gloucester City employment initiative called “Gloucester Works”.

What is “Gloucester Works”?

An organisation created to implement the City Employment and Skills Plan (CESP):
An initiative aimed at getting people (back) into work.

Who Is Jason Dunsford?

Jason is the Community Area Co-ordinator for Gloucester Works (South).
You can contact Jason at:
Gloucestershire First,
Conway House,
33-35 Worcester St,
T: 01452 450059 – M: 07971 309004 – E:

When did it start?

The official launch of Gloucester Works took place on the 7th October at the Kings Walk Shopping Centre with a public signing of the City Commitment.

What is the City Commitment?

The Gloucester Works City Commitment is a voluntary, public commitment by a company, as an employer within Gloucester City, to work with the Gloucester City Employment and Skills Plan to shape a better future for our City by:
1. Building the reputation of Gloucester as a place to live and work through our employment practices.
2. Becoming a stakeholder in the City of Gloucester.
3. Advertising recruitment opportunities to local people through Gloucester Works Jobs Bank.
4. Encouraging and supporting all your employees to up skill themselves both to assist your businesses productivity and to improve their employability and futures.
5. Work to ensure your workforce meets a minimum educational standard of Level 2 qualifications.

Representatives from a wide spectrum of partners signed the agreement which shows their pledge to work with Gloucester Works.
Employers including Ecclesiastical, Ramada Jarvis, Gloucester City Homes and SLG Beauty signed the City Commitment.
A variety of partner organisations also signed the commitment including the City and County Councils, Learning and Skills Council, training providers and Gloucester Heritage Urban Regeneration Company.
All employers, whether public, private or third sector, are invited to sign the commitment and enjoy the benefits of upskilling their workforce, advertise job vacancies to a committed and skillful pool of people and be part of change in Gloucester. Organisations supporting Gloucester Works to engage with local people are also invited to sign the Community

What is the Community Commitment?

The Gloucester Works Community Commitment is a voluntary, public commitment by an organisation to work with the Gloucester City Employment and Skills Plan to shape a better future for the City by:
• Referring clients onto the programme
• Supporting the Community Area Co-ordinators to engage with local people, particularly hard to reach groups
• Working together with partners to avoid duplication
• Encouraging and supporting all employees and volunteers to up-skill
themselves and reach a minimum educational standard of a level 2
• Inform the development and implementation of new employment and skills activity Community Area Coordinators are committed to supporting organisations by:
• Facilitating the referral mechanism and providing partners with feedback of client progression
• Communicating with partners on a regular basis
• Promoting partners signed up to the commitment
• Supporting and adding value to first steps provision where appropriate
• Identifying and minimising barriers to client participation
• Always being client focussed
(For more information contact Kim, Jason, Jo or Nas on 450064 or

How Do I Enrol?

Employers:: Contact the Employment Engagement Manager on 01452 450067, 07971314901 or
Individuals: Complete the form available here.

More information (including links to their website and an enrolment form) is available here.

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