Gloucester Broadband Survey

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

I had an Email from barker77 with a link to a survey from the City Council.

Gloucester Broadband Survey​

The Gloucester Broadband Survey is designed to give everyone living and working in Gloucester a chance to share their internet experience.

In order to help us identify where the telecommunications provision is strong or weak, we are undertaking an important survey to gauge local demand and clarify where internet services are currently fast, slow or even unacceptable.

It is important that we hear from both residents and businesses so we can assess the extent of the services across the city and identify problem areas.

Your participation could help improve the quality of broadband services we receive in Gloucester.”

(From here).

The survey is available: HERE

Please get the word out. If enough Kingsway Residents (and businesses) fill this in, maybe they will put pressure on somebody to get something done about it.

Many thanks to barker77 🙂


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5 Responses to “Gloucester Broadband Survey”

    No update. Looks like BT is waiting for us to cover cost of putting fibre optic into cabinet. Great deal for them, no cost extra profit.
    Her name is Jane and number is 07802 451182.

    Hello Jaroslaw and Clive!

    I am really interested in the prospect of receiving quality fibre optic from BT!! Could you please give me the contact details so I could speak with the lady? Also if possible please advise if there are any other updates in regard to the matter?

    Thank you very much!

    Hi Jaroslaw,

    I have no idea, but I will email a few local folk and see if I can get any assistance/interest/advice 🙂

    Just received a call from BT about fibre optic.
    If the community is interested in the participation of putting fibre optic into a cabinet and there is a school connected (Waterwells) to the cabinet, they will do it for half price. She left me a phone number to contact her.
    Is it possible that the community would be interested in helping us to get fibre optic to the cabinet?
    If anyone from community is interested I can provide contact details.

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