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Monday, August 13th, 2007

Have a quick question or a comment about Kingsway Village?

If you don’t wish to publish a complete article (post) about the subject but would like to get some information about future developments/facilities, or would simply like to comment about the Village in general (and you can’t find a more suitable place)… please post it here.

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    For General Questions and Comments after 01/01/2012, a new thread has been created: General Questions and Comments-2

    For more details about the Pub’, see this post.

    Regarding the pub opening date, Marston’s have confirmed to me that it is due to open on Monday 6th February.

    Hi Neighbours,

    Lynehamlion: 1. No 2. Last I heard this was still under discussion. 3. Read Up (post before yours – answer to Emma).

    lou lou: I have sent your email to Stacey 🙂


    There is a running club that meets at 1730 on a Friday evening just outside the Pilot Pub (I think that is Elmore Way) I go there most Fridays, I am in the slow group (I am the slowest!) and it’s ok I am not a born runner so it takes a lot of effort on my part to do this. You would be more than welcome to join them in the group.

    I know they are talking about possibly relocating towards Kingsway during the darker months for safety reasons which might be more of a help.

    Clive could you send my e-mail details to Stacey so I can send her more information please.

    Dog walking field development

    1) Does anyone know what’s happening on the big field (aka dog walking field)? I see they have fenced over half of it off now and have got some serious machinery digging out a huge trench.

    2) Were ASDA successful in their application for a store at Kingsway?

    3) Does anyone have any idea on the planned opening date of the pub? I guess they are aiming to be open for Xmas?

    Hi Emma: Last "official" word I heard was January, ‘though since then I heard rumours that it might be before Christmas. It does seem to be moving quickly, so here’s hoping 😛

    Hi holbeach: I sent him your email details today 🙂

    Running Club


    I was just wondering if there was still a running club that meets weekly?
    I would really like to get into a running club (I’m too scared to run in the evenings alone)!


    Secondary School Friend


    I have a 10 year old boy who doesn’t go to a Kingsway/Quedgeley Primary School. He is currently in Year 6 and we are helping him to make his Secondary School choices. Severn Vale is an option, but he is worried that he won’t know anyone there.

    Does anyone have a son who will be hoping to go to Severn Vale and would like to expand their friendship group?

    Thanks 🙂


    I heard November, though I can’t find a source for that now. Can’t wait, will be lovely to have a pub on the estate rather than having to walk over to Quedgeley or to the Bumble Bee for a pint!

    Hi Everyone!
    Does anyone know when the Barn Owl will be open?
    I was thinking about booking a christmas party there for my neighbours and I.

    Many Thanks


    Me and my neighbour use a window cleaner called Andy Cooper, he comes to me once and month and charges £10 for a detached 4 bed house.
    Tel: 07915394563

    holbeach miserable
    October 13, 2011 at 3:47 pm


    Since losing our beloved dog last year, my wife and I are always willing to help people when we can with doggie duties, so if your 1-2 days are over the weekend then drop me an email and we can meet up and have a chat. We both work, so would be unable to accommodate midweek.


    Could you be so kind as to email hjwacker with my contact email address.


    Re Dog friendly: I have spare hours, retired early, could and would help, could not house though due to having a moggy in residence! 07870243878 – Leave a message.

    Hi Lesley,

    Sorry I can’t help (no window cleaners in my local business or contacts & services pages)!

    I won’t recommend my window cleaner, he’s very unreliable 😆

    Window Cleaner

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good window cleaner in the Kingsway area?


    Looking for a dog friendly Lady/Gentleman

    We live in Kingsway with an old dog looking like a Spaniel and it may come the case that we are both absent for 1-2 days. Is there a nice dog friendly person who could look for our dog and could have a walk with him if it would be necessary?


    Garden Shed Thefts

    A couple of people in my street (Halton Way) had their garden stores and sheds broken into earlier this week (18th/19th September).

    The thieves didn’t seem to want to bother with people’s sheds if the lock was too complicated.

    Be on the lookout!

    No, no, nono… Yes 😆
    The road surfaces are a nuisance as is the parking in some areas (although we all know who’s to blame for that)!

    Grass cutting and grounds maintenance is excellent where I live.

    There have been constant Police patrols and initiatives in Kingsway, and crime stat’s for the area are excellent – particularly when compared to neighbouring boroughs… (Also litter is far better here than my previous neighbourhood).

    And the 2nd access road has been opened for several weeks now (ever since Tesco’s opened).

    I’m not saying it’s perfect. The death of the housing market has certainly caused some horrible issues (road resurfacing being a good example) but we love it here and I really do think it will become a popular spot once the market picks up and everything is (finally) finished.

    Waiting and waiting for the roads to be surfaced, many years now for some long term residents. Just walk the estate to see new saplings broken off, litter, vandalism, no pride grass cutting, little services, a Taylors & a Chemist bring very little. The area has no through traffic ie Police, which would be helpful. Extremely low, if non-existent police patrols, even if you raise an issue. The area is a containment zone. We have a stream, railway and the A38 bordering us locally with only foot routes to escape, still. I do admire your optimism Clive, but open your eyes to the here and now. We have a great little Tesco, I also hope the Pub’ will be a success, but the design of the whole area, with it’s big parking issues and other concerns which nowadays it is so wrong to bring up, this will never be a village or a sought after part of the wider Gloucester picture. I believe it will only go downhill,mainly due to how many houses they are shoehorning into a nothing happening box.

    Hi Matt,

    My pleasure 😳

    Yes, the Residents Association has been very pro-active to date, and particularly instrumental in establishing lines of communication with the developers, local authorities, local Councillors, Police, Housing Association representatives and other interested parties; (hence our involvement in asking the local newspaper EIC to attend the meeting and explain the origins of said articles that incensed many local residents)!
    We also organise local events (The Big Lunch, Halloween Events etc) where local folk can meet, mix and socialise.

    We’re all awaiting the opening of the Pub’ with bated breath (mine’s a pint), and – possibly – the coffee shop 🙂

    All in all, it’s a very friendly place to live and – once the building works are completed, roads re-surfaced and houses occupied, I firmly believe it will become a very sought-after part of Gloucester.

    Let us know if you do decide to make it your home too 🙂


    Hi Clive,
    Thank you for your response, it is helpful.
    From what I read The Residents Association is very active in resolving issues that arise.
    If the Tesco Express and Chemist together with the Marston Pub and the possibility of an Asda Store are anything to go by, Kingsway is well on its way to being more self sufficient.

    Hi Matt,

    There were some negative articles published in the local press. One in particular was responsible for the rumours/speculation you are talking about, but it was indeed misinformation. The Editor In Chief of the newspaper in question was recently invited to speak at our Residents Association meeting, where he confirmed that the article was written as a result of an anonymous telephone call and that no effort was made to substantiate the information before publishing!

    Move to Kingsway

    We are currently considering a move to Kingsway and while the house itself is great we have some reservations about the location as Kingsway has had some bad press?

    Can anyone who lives in the LionCourt part of the Development offer any counters to what I think is probably just mis-information?


    July 25, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    They are now recruiting for the new Tesco Express that is going to open in Kingsway soon, check this link.

    Its definitely a Tesco Express that is opening. And my latest information is that the building will be finished to hand over to Tesco (and the other occupiers) at the end of this month. Apparently Tesco are rather good at the fitting out (they seem to be getting a lot of practice) and expect to be ready to sell at the beginning of September.

    Unfortunately I don’t know about applying for jobs, but you may want to ask Customer Services in the Quedgeley Tesco, they may be able to point you in the right direction.


    There are still some rumours circulating that Sainsbury are going to occupy the shop. Does anyone have any new information/opening dates etc?

    I have looked on Tesco web site to see about applying for a job at the new shop and there is absolutely nothing on there to say a new shop is about to open.
    Can anyone help with where to find out about applying – Tesco extra just tell you to apply online! A great help – NOT!

    It’s the Autograss championship and is accessed by going along the Stonehouse road B4008 from the motorway junction. They have one meeting now then the championship final later in the year. It’s a fantastic day out!

    Hi, does anyone know what is happening on the fields next to the M5 going south just as you get off at J12?
    It looks like lots of caravans and fairground rides and cars – suspect it may be banger racing but can’t find anything online.

    It’s already so noisy where I am. All the houses are occupied and the kids spend all day screeching and shouting with their mum’s shouting at them. What I meant is that probably more will gather round there and make more noise. I don’t mean to be horrible but it really gets me down when I want to sit in my garden on a sunny day and all around me is screaming and swearing (children and adults alike). I wish I’d never bought this house (I’m on Portreath Way by the way – not that anyone knows where that is as there’s no flaming road sign). grumble grumble!

    Vintec – I think we are talking about the same place, but will check.


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