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Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Have a quick question or a comment about Kingsway Village?

If you don’t wish to publish a complete article (post) about the subject but would like to get some information about future developments/facilities, would like to comment about Kingsway in general (and you can’t find a more suitable place), or you have a personal question or comment… please post it here. (If a more suitable spot exists I’ll move it).

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    Has anyone had to replace the latch on one of their internal doors? One of our mechanisms has failed, but the latches appear to be narrower than standard and I can’t find a source for them. I was hoping someone else might have found a source, before I have to start drilling out the hole in the door. Any ideas?

    Travellers opposite Dance Studio

    Just to let people know when driving pastΒ Linda Virgoe Dance Studio on the way home tonight I saw that Travellers have moved in to the small car park opposite the dance studio.

    Hi Jade,

    We’re with the same surgery at the moment; my wife says she usually expects to wait for about an hour for a response!

    The minutes from the last Developer’s meeting have just come in and I notice they say:

    Temporary Surgery – GCC has entered into Heads of Terms with GP practice for a temporary surgery at Waterwells P&R car park for up to 3-years. The surgery/ health centre plans were welcomed but it was recognised that it was disappointing that the surgery will not be in the β€˜village centre’ as originally planned.
    The size of the new health centre will exacerbate local parking issues to accommodate staff and users.
    Consultations are on-going pending planning applications

    The full minutes are here.

    I’m not sure what the situation is, but I expect we will get an update at the KRA AGM, which will be held on November 23rd at the Community Centre, at 7:30PM.


    Doctor Surgery

    I was just wondering if anyone knows if a doctors surgery will be opening in Kingsway? If not anyone know the best surgery to register with?
    I currently have to go to Dr Siva’s surgery and it’s just a complete shambles there. I’ve been trying to get through to them for nearly 2 weeks but everytime I get put on hold I’m waiting for 30 minutes with my ‘phone on loudspeaker, and no one ever answers. It’s very poor. Now their website doesn’t even work!
    If that surgery is my best option then it looks like I’ll need to move πŸ˜†

    Thanks in advance.

    Copeland Park Consultation

    One for consultation for the Copelanders…

    The City Council is looking to build a small play area on open space at the end of Lasborough Drive in Copeland Park for children of ages approx. 4-12 years. The play area will be built once the land has been adopted from Bovis Homes, which is likely to be in early 2017. In the meantime, we are asking residents and local children to let us know what they think about the type of play equipment we are proposing.

    Read more/respond: HERE

    [ Editors Note: Many thanks for posting this FL; I hope you don’t mind that I added some info’ πŸ™‚ ]

    Hi Angie,

    I don’t know anybody who lives close to the railway line, hopefully somebody who does can help.

    Hi fatlad,

    We also received a letter about this recently and talked about it at the last KRA (committee) meeting.
    I’m not certain I fully understand the consequences, but I believe (as RG says):

    “the [biggest] issue is a disconnect between where voters vote in local and national elections”


    I recall when I bought a house in Quedgeley during the 1980’s, the roads were managed by Stroud Council. After a few years our side of Fieldcourt Drive moved to Gloucester and the other side remained with Stroud… We did notice that the “Stroud” side of the Fieldcourt Drive was much better maintained than our side πŸ˜†

    Perhaps Longlevens will come out in force to oppose the changes and we’ll be back to square 1 πŸ˜€


    Local Boundary Review

    Saw This: The Boundary Review.
    Feel free to post thy views/comments via the link.

    Local Train Line Concerns

    Evening, we are looking to move within Kingsway, having lived here for 3 years, and quite like the new Linden Homes but I am very worried about the proximity of the train line as the house looks onto it with no barrier except a few trees. I just wondered if anyone lived close to the line and what impact it has on day to day life as I have two young children so have enough noise in my life! πŸ™‚
    Look forward to hearing from people soon. Angie

    Hi Guys,

    I had this reply from Joe Logan:

    I too have smelt it and assumed that it was a farmer spraying liquid manure on their fields beyond the railway line. It smelt like cows as that was where it had come from if my assumption is correct!


    Hi Guys,

    Sorry I didn’t reply yet (school holidays / family wedding / busy weekend)! πŸ˜•

    I have no idea, but I have asked Andy Smith and Joe Logan if they do and I will let you know.


    Den is not the only one. Mrs yellowhouse was complaining about a “fertilizer” smell on the same day (August 23 PM) and again on the next day!

    Hello Clive the only way I could describe it was like walking through a field full of cows, it was around Thatcham Avenue Marham Drive I could smell it for a few hours, but I haven’t smelt anything since, so very strange.

    Hi Den,

    I haven’t noticed anything (although I had my door closed for most of the evening).

    What sort of smell and what part of Kingsway?


    Funny smell around Kingsway

    Hi, Anyone noticed a smell in the air over the last few days around Kingsway?

    I have the patio door open tonight and the smell is quite strong in the garden and is drifting into the house, wondered if anyone else had been aware of it.

    Hi Solo, Sorry for the delay in approving this, I was away on holiday (just got back)!

    Sadly I agree with you; with the amount of nutters out there at the moment it probably is a bit risky πŸ˜•


    Call me a cynic, but I have just seen 2 young Army cadets walking down Valley Gardens in full uniform.

    Please in this current climate for your own safety take your uniform in a bag and get changed when you get there, there are some right nutters out there it won’t matter to these people whether you are cadets or regular army.

    Be careful!

    Hi Sam,

    I was wrong (nothing new there) πŸ˜†
    Andy Smith (Kingsway Developers) replied:

    These are temporary to slow down construction traffic and reduce nuisance to the residents.
    There are no speed bumps in the permanent scheme.
    Not sure who counted 9 speed bumps in 300m, it’s a lot fewer than 9 and the road is around 500m long.

    Hi Sam,

    I’m pretty certain they’re here to stay, but I will check this and get back to you.


    Speed Bumps

    Can anyone help as to why there are so many speed bumps on Rudloe Drive?
    There are 9 bumps plus islands in the road, all of this over 300 meters! Does this not seem to be excessive?
    Also when the road is topped-off is this going to be the same?

    Hi Sam,

    I wasn’t aware of any spaces designed for shelters, so I contacted Joe Logan (KRA Chair) and he replied:
    "I too am not aware of any stops ‘designed for shelters’. I think there may be a stop on Rudloe where the path has been widened but that was probably to accommodate people rather than a shelter. Stagecoach put stops in place without reference to any of the councils who in turn don’t have an obligation to provide a shelter. In this day and age of council funding being removed or reduced I don’t think we’ll see any shelters any time soon."


    Bus Shelters

    Does anyone know or have any information as to when the Bus shelter will be built around Kingsway?
    There are lots of stops in the area where the spaces are designed on the paths for shelter. Is there any information as toΒ if and when they will be put up?

    Hi John,

    No worries. Everything about moving house is a nightmare, (except for getting it over with)!

    Good luck. Let’s hope we can welcome you to Kingsway soon πŸ™‚


    Hi Clive,
    Sorry for my late reply as been very busy trying to get things move on our future home at Kingsway.
    Thank you for your helpful information on the Buses.
    This should helps with transport to and from work if I don’t wish to take the car.
    Regards John

    Hi John,

    I received this from Andy Smith (QUVL) first thing this morning:

    “The temporary concrete barriers were removed a couple of years ago and there are steel railings now installed as requested by the County Council.

    Brize Avenue, up to the bridge is now adopted highway and GCC could choose to use as a bus link if they wanted. Apparently Stagecoach are not currently interested in using this route though.

    There are no plans to open the bridge up to private traffic, but the County could change this in the future.”

    Thanks for posting and good luck with your move πŸ™‚


    PS: Thanks to Andy Smith & Joe Logan for your speedy responses.


    I had a (very swift) reply from Joe Logan (KRA chairman) who said:

    “As far as I am aware there are no intentions to open it up. The current metal railings are designed to be ‘taken out’ at low speed by emergency service vehicles and there is a vehicle prohibition order on the bridge that means that cars can’t use it for parking and motorcycles can’t even be pushed across it.”

    If I hear any more I’ll let you know.


    Hi John,

    Welcome to Kingsway Villagers πŸ™‚

    As far as I can tell, the easiest way to get to Barnwood by bus would be to take the number 10 service from Lower Tuffley, (Chatsworth Avenue). According to Stagecoach, it’s a 30 minute trip to the Wotton Hall Club, Barnwood Road.

    To get to Chatsworth Avenue you can walk, (approx’ 10 minutes but depends where you are in Kingsway).

    To the best of my knowledge, the road (over Daniels Brook ) was intended to be for emergency vehicles, buses, taxis and pedestrians only, but – following vandalism to the original bollards, concrete barriers were put in place which limited use to pedestrians and cycles only.

    I should know more, but I can’t remember the last time I heard any news about this.
    I will try to find out though… (Watch this space) ❗


    Local Transport
    My wife and I are hoping to move into the Kingsway Area Next Year and were wondering what the Public Transport is like for Travelling from Kingsway to Barnwood Road, as my wife & I both work in the Barnwood Area?

    Also will they be opening up the Roundabout for public transport at Brize Avenue / Chatsworth Road? πŸ™„

    Hi Steve,

    Great to hear from you πŸ™‚

    Thanks for posting this. I heard about the scam/virus (also saw your post about it on Facebook).

    I hope you’re both well and Canada has learned to cope with you πŸ˜†


    Morning Clive,

    I have just learnt of a scam circulating worldwide at this time that’s very convincing, but a total scam!

    If you receive an email allegedly from Lancashire Police, and Lyn Whitehead (10688) with an attached invoice for payment, do NOT open the attachment. If you do – it duplicates all your personal data from your PC (inclusive of all passwords to bank, credit cards, Facebook, twitter, email…) that you may have previously accessed via your PC.

    You need to delete the email via reporting it as spam (if you have opened the attachment complete a full security scan of your PC in hope you can delete any malware, and change ALL passwords for every account used via your PC used).

    I have received confirmation from Lancashire Police of this worldwide scam email with attached “invoice” which should be deleted instantly!


    Hi Sam,

    As you will now be aware, I passed your message on to local PCSO (Kevin Lee) who said:

    Without initially assessing the vehicle I cannot comment on whether the exhaust exceeds the required noise levels ,and if it has been adapted or deliberately modified in any way.
    If the vehicle is being used in an anti-social manner, we can issue the owner with a warning notice ,which in most cases is enough to deter them from continuing with the nuisance.
    If you can provide me with the vehicle details and address of the owner I will follow this up in due course.

    I copied you in on the email (and Kevin on the reply), so you can forward details to him if you wish.


    Can anyone help? We have an inconsiderate car owner with a stupidly loud car exhaust near us.

    What can be done about it?

    Who can it be reported to?

    He is always working on it, revving the engine etc and always over-revving it when he drives away.

    Missing Pink Bike?

    Has anyone had a small pink Child’s Bike gone missing? I witnessed 3 kids attempting to destroy such a bike on the bridge to Tuffley by throwing it into the brook, but I have no proof it wasn’t their own property.

    Hi Neil,

    I thought so too, but looking at the plan on Robert Hitchins website, it is a little ambiguous… (They look like extra car park spaces but are sort’ve “greyed out”)!

    I did hear recently the number of spaces but I can’t remember what it was! πŸ™„
    I also missed the KRA committee meeting last evening so there may be further news coming.

    If not I will try to find out.

    Speaking of the new shopping area, does anyone know what will be happening with the rest of the land? I could have sworn on the last planning map I saw that the car park was suppose to extend all the way to the road, but it looks as though they have stopped half way and painted a rather strange pedestrian section.

    Thanks fatlad, Looks interesting…

    I’ll take a closer look when I have 5 minutes πŸ™‚


    The following may be of interest to some if not already joined: (a social network for local communities).



    Andy Smith (QUVL) said “this is City land, maintained by the Environment Agency and they would be best placed to update you on the path issue.”


    Hi Clive,
    I will try Finlay road next but it will take a while to overcome that awful experience, many thxs.

    Hi nono,

    I’m mad on Chinese food too. I went to that place once, (haven’t been back, it’s not very impressive).

    I’ve been using the Oriental Express on Finlay Road for the past 10 years.
    It’s a bit of a trip from Kingsway, but the food is excellent. πŸ˜€

    If the new one in Kingsway is any good I will be a regular customer. But I’m with you, I’m hoping for good quality, not so bothered about the price.

    Thxs Clive. I really fancied a Chinese at the weekend, went over to the one at School Lane; it was nasty. So horrible I don’t understand why it was busy. Pre-packed, not cooked fresh awful not a sound of a wok in action. I hope ours is just going to be quality not budget.

    alzzi, I will try to find out for you.

    nono, It’s proving hard to get any update on this but I will keep trying.


    Does anybody know whats happening with the footpaths alongside Daniels Brook? Seems like some proper gravel footpaths have been started but stopped before they join up leaving a muddy mess in between. Been like it since last year.

    I’m not sure nono,

    I’ll have a word with someone, see if I can find out πŸ™‚

    When is our Chinese due to open?

    Hey Wooler,

    Welcome to Kingsway πŸ™‚

    Shame that your developer wasn’t very helpful. The chances are it’s their responsibility too… Either way they should at least have been able to answer your question (so much for after-sales care)! πŸ™„

    Anyway, there are 3 main possibilities:
    1. The Council… (if the land in question has been adopted).
    2. Your Housing Developer… (if it’s not adopted).
    3. The QUVL… (are responsible chiefly for the larger green spaces). There are more details on the linked page above, but in general the QUVL are NOT responsible for areas within the Developers Parcels (off the main roads), the local centre and its facilities, and the employment area.

    So it (mostly) depends on whether your road is adopted.

    The last update I had on adoptions was during our (KRA) July public meeting (minutes here) when Joe Logan said:

    "…four green areas (Daniels’ Meadow, Valley Gardens to Thatcham Ave, Swale to Chatsworth Ave and Woodland by Marham Drive) are due to be handed over (adopted) this week.
    …roads adopted so far: Kingsway, Woodvale, Thatcham Ave’ (up to the green area mentioned above and Valley Gardens from the traffic lights to the green area mentioned above.

    (I heard this week that the next set of adoptions, which include Brize and Goosebay, will follow in mid 2015).

    I hope this helps… If you’re not certain, let me know (exactly) where the “patch of land” is and I’ll tell you.

    PS: I recall a similar situation from a few years back- a tiny plot of grass which nobody seemed bothered about tending (after the housing developer in question had finished building in Kingsway). So the resident in question has been tending it and has turned it into a pretty little “extra garden” which all the neighbours enjoy!

    Overgrown Plants

    We moved to Kingsway around 4 years ago.
    There is a patch of land next to our property that no one seems to own. It has become quite overgrown over the last year and we have been cutting it back as one of the bushes has started to grow out, onto the pavement. I was just wondering who is responsible for the upkeep?
    This patch of land isn’t on our deeds and the house developer wasn’t much help when we queried it.

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