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Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Have a quick question or a comment about Kingsway Village?

If you don’t wish to publish a complete article (post) about the subject but would like to get some information about future developments/facilities, would like to comment about Kingsway in general (and you can’t find a more suitable place), or you have a personal question or comment… please post it here. (If a more suitable spot exists I’ll move it).

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    You’re welcome πŸ™‚

    "it wasn’t clearly signposted"

    No surprise there πŸ™„

    Thank you – but it wasn’t clearly sign posted – will check the site for the future! Cheers.

    Hi doitcom,

    "M5 Junction 12: Maintenance
    The northbound exit slip road will be closed from 8pm on Wednesday 22 October until 6am the following morning. Diversions will be clearly signposted."

    I got this from news.

    I didn’t see or hear any warnings about it, (although I wasn’t driving on the motorway on Wednesday so wasn’t listening to traffic news etc).

    Junction 12 was shut last night?

    Did anyone see any signs or have any notice that Junction 12 was shut last night?

    Drove home about 9:20pm and it was shut! I had to go up to 11a and back down.

    If I’d known it was shut I would have got off at an earlier junction!

    Hi lizb77,

    The last news I had was from the last Residents Association public meeting (on July 9th) as follows:

    There will be 11 units. 7 are sold/let (with 2 units being combined). It is thought that the Chinese Warehouse (currently located in unit 6a, Morelands trading estate) are taking 4, and Pizza Hut were named as another likely candidate, (although Joe mentioned that the QUVL have not confirmed this).

    (Minutes – Here).


    Shops being built

    Can somebody tell me if they have any idea of what shops are being built at the moment by Tesco Express please?

    Hi Mitzi,

    There have been plans and discussions about opening a Medical Centre in Kingsway for many years now. (See this post from 2008).

    Land has been provided for a facility (opposite the school at the end of Valley Gardens) but there have been problems finding a Doctor willing to take it on, as well as more discussions about basing it in HuntsGrove, but I’m afraid I don’t know the latest (just got back off holiday today)… I will try to find out.

    I’m not sure why you think “Kingsway is more interested in producing Sports and Community Centre”… All these things have been planned for years (including the Medical Centre as you can see), but some are harder than others to arrange.

    I’ve not heard of anybody interested in opening an indoor swimming pool (I think they are quite expensive to maintain). Years ago (C 1985) there was talk of building a Health Centre with indoor pool on Fieldcourt Drive (Quedgeley) but in the end they built more houses instead πŸ™

    When do you think that we may get a GP surgery on Kingsway? Appointments at St James are non-existent. Surely the Village is big enough to get a GP interested in starting up a surgery? It seems that Kingsway is more interested in producing Sports and Community Centre. How about an indoor swimming pool? Something like Beaufort. Now that would pay for itself with the amount of residents in Kingsway.

    Hi Jack,

    I was a patient of theirs around 1987. I had a couple of bad experiences, plus one episode of their trying to charge me Β£185.00 for a filling that they quoted me Β£80.00 for – on the grounds that they had used the wrong sized filling first of all – which they expected me to pay for (fat chance)!

    Having said that – it was 1987, so the “Dentist” I saw has probably left now (retrained as a Butcher)!

    I went to St James Dental Practice for the first time today. They seemed perfectly fine but they’ve told me I need to have quite a bit of work done.

    Anyone go there regularly? Just my inherent lack of trust but I want to make sure they aren’t trying to fleece me! Very difficult to be completely trusting when you go somewhere for the first time and they say you need to spend lots of money especially as some of the treatment is relatively minor.

    Thanks in advance.

    Can I ask why the Kingsway roads are riddled with Severn Trent manhole covers? Yes I know we have a sewer system, but a high percentage are extremely noisy all through the estate. I have never known roads riddled with such blight, they seem cheap nasty, and certainly not fit for the purpose required. All the major routes have a high traffic and the effect is terrible. I hope blastu2 can answer this, if he hasn’t departed yet. Always such expert knowledge on all subjects.

    BT Retail and BT Openreach are very much separate so it is totally untrue that if you go with BT any line issues will get solved at the same speed as any other ISP.

    Dr Siva – Quedgeley Medical Centre is excellent. Small surgery but very good. Easy walking distance from Kingsway as it’s opposite Next/Sorting Office. I had a friend who had some mental health problems and he said Dr Siva was amazing.

    BT is the only real broadband provider, they’re a bit rubbish but if you go to Sky they use the BT lines so at least if there is a problem you’re closer to the source. The BT engineer who finally sorted our internet after 6 months of problems was amazing, but you have to leap through hoops to get one to come out.

    Hi yh,

    If there is I haven’t met them! πŸ˜•

    “I’ve used St James Family Doctors and Severnvale Surgery in the past and they’re both horrible.”
    Argh! My wife and I have registered in both of those practices, but have never been. So is there actually a decent GP in the area?

    Hi fto,

    I’ve used St James Family Doctors and Severnvale Surgery in the past and they’re both horrible.
    I don’t live near Goosebay Drive / Sealand Way, so I’m afraid I can’t help with that, I hope someone else can assist.

    I just wanted to say “Hi and welcome to Kingsway Villagers” πŸ™‚

    June 16, 2014 at 1:23 pm


    I’ve recently moved to the area and I’m looking to register with a Doctor’s Surgery. I’m 21, but have quite extensive history with Mental Health. I’d preferably like to register with a surgery who’re good at dealing with these kinds of issues. Can anyone recommend one? πŸ™„

    I was also wondering which broadband providers & mobile phone network providers residents in the Goosebay Dr/Sealand Way area use?

    Thanks in advance πŸ˜€

    Hi Mike,

    I’m pretty sure that’s Guinness Hermitage.

    Good Luck.

    I’m on the Lioncourt Estate, having issues with neighbours, and was hoping to report it to the appropriate housing association.

    Hi Mike1967,

    There are numerous housing associations with properties in Kingsway including Guinness Trust, Oxbode Housing Association &, Bromford Housing (I’m not sure but I think there’s at least one other).

    Welcome to Kingsway Villagers πŸ™‚


    Hi chumly,

    As I said above, there are lots of different organisations responsible, depending on the piece of land in question.

    I’m afraid I’m not familiar with “Digby Green”. Hopefully somebody will know.


    Looking for some advice please. Can anyone tell me which Housing Association is responsible for the properties in Kingsway?

    Would be really helpful if I knew!

    Green Spaces – Digby Green

    Anyone know who to contact about cutting grass in green spaces? Digby Green is getting a bit jungle like!

    I think it’s quite nice that some of the grass is left uncut. It’s good for the wildlife

    @mitzi1960 – where is the patch of grass you are talking about? I have spoken to the council about other bits of land in kingsway which they have swiftly mowed…..

    Also of course for areas that are adopted the council will do litter picking too πŸ™‚

    Let me know the locations and I’ll ask the relevant people.

    Hi Mitzi,

    Like I said there are lots of different organisations responsible, depending on the piece of land in question. If it’s the Council next to you, you’ve probably drawn the short straw there!

    You don’t pay weekly for upkeep of Council land (unless you mean your council tax)… Maybe you have a local contractor?

    I think the Residents Association is organising another Kingsway Litter Pick day soon, keep an eye on here for more info’.

    ❗ Editors Note: This was (approved) comment number 4,000 on Kingsway Villagers ❗

    Just heard from a neighbour that the council has responsibility and that the grass is only going to be cut twice a year. Surely that’s not right as we pay weekly towards the upkeep? Kingsway is looking a right mess, as now litter is now being hidden within the grass. I did see a gentleman cutting some of the grass, as it is becoming an eyesore. Maybe we should all ask for a refund and pay a weekly payment twice a year πŸ™„

    Hi Jack,

    Sorry I didn’t respond. I’m afraid I don’t know of any at the moment, although I’m told there may well be a repair shop included in the new shops… (Too far away for you to wait of course, but hopefully next time)!

    Hi mitzi1960,
    Probably got caught out by the mad weather (like my back garden)!
    It depends what’s the other side of your fence!
    Much of the ground maintenance is still QUVL’s responsibility, I think some may still be the responsibility of local builders, some is maintained by one or other housing association and some has been adopted and is now the responsibility of the Council.

    Why is the grass not being kept down, we all pay towards the upkeep of the grass. Kingsway is looking more like a jungle. I am not happy that I have to cut and clear grass that is now coming through the fencing. So who is responsible?

    My bicycle needs a service. Can anyone recommend a local repair shop?

    Thanks in advance.

    Very sorry to hear about that jaynesmith, I hope you find her soon.

    Bengal Cat Missing

    Brown spotted Bengal cat has been missing since Sunday 4th May; she is micro-chipped.

    Please check your garages, sheds and greenhouses. She is never more than a call away from home so this is out of character.

    Any information at all please contact me.

    Morning Nono & Clive,

    The Temporary Community Garden, which was provided with a temporary permit for use in this form, reached it’s remit for use and was returned to QUVL in readiness of proposed building as previously declared before given a Temporary Notice for use as a Community Garden. Once the Community Centre is completed for use, it could possibly provide an area alongside for use in the same form too if residents favour it.

    Hi nono,

    Yes it has becoming something of a wasteland πŸ˜•

    The “Community Garden” was originally created in August 2012 by Barry Kirby and some helpful local residents (see here for details).

    Now that the land is scheduled to be built on in the next few months, there’s no sense in tending it any longer.

    The community garden seems to have lost its lustre

    I asked Andy Smith (QUVL) about this during last night’s meeting. He said due to issues with the access track and lack of local management, (plus the fact that there are other courts available locally), the decision was made to delay opening the new courts until the Sports Pavilion is opened (ETA 08/08/’14).

    Those tennis courts have been there a while now and I didn’t realise they were locked.

    There are some more tennis courts located by the other recreational area, which is kind of between tesco and the new school, those are always open.

    Tennis Courts

    Does anyone know why the new tennis courts adjacent to the new Asda are locked?

    I have been several times with my son only to be disappointed as the gates are locked. I don’t understand why we cannot use them.


    No adoption updates at the moment. I’m hoping we will get the latest at the next public KRA meeting (should be early March I think).

    I think the road should be closed again, there are enough ways in and out of Kingsway now without increasing the traffic that could come in from Tuffley for example.

    Any news on the road adoptions? The corner of Brize Avenue where it splits round to the right (near the current open entrance to Tuffley) should have double yellows as you simply cannot see around the corner!

    I recall from discussions we had on this subject “back in the day” that there was much concern about Kingsway being used as a “rat run”, and although – as you say – a one-way link would half the impact, I suppose it would still have an impact!

    I don’t really have a personal preference either way. It is annoying having to drive all the way ’round to Tuffley to visit friends, but I also dislike double-deckers driving past on Thatcham Ave’ (the straight stretch outside our house is where they try to make up for lost time I think)! πŸ˜†

    My personal opinion is that Kingsway plans were much affected by the (flavour of the) legislation which existed during the early planning stages; the emphasis was on trying to discourage people from owning/using cars, and so many decisions were made which reflected that. Lack of private parking spaces, complete lack of public parking spaces, small narrow winding roads, lack of road links to neighbouring areas, free bike vouchers, etc.

    We all suffered for 5+ years with the lack of access for emergency vehicles and the huge detour to get to the “local” supermarkets in Quedgeley, and sadly I believe the private/public parking issues will haunt us for years! The links to other areas were designed to allow only pedestrian, emergency and (some) public transport to pass and – as is always the case in these matters – once planning permission is granted, it’s nigh on impossible to get it changed (without huge effort/expense).

    The legislation is a thing of the past (for now anyway), but I rather think we will be left to live with many of the consequences πŸ™

    In life as a general rule, it is only a good idea if they think of it first!

    I get your point Clive. So if that’s the case then keep it open one way to cars and put a restriction to other vehicles. Surely it would make sense for us to have some sort of link with Tuffley and not be segregated from the rest of Gloucester or are we not worthy? And make it one way so that it doesn’t become a rat run!
    Thing is Clive I can’t seem to understand Gloucester’s Council in trying to alienate Kingsway from the other Districts close by.

    Hi Kevgee,

    I was told that the link is not designed to take the weight of the double-decker buses, and that the original planning permission denied access to buses… So the Council were breaching their own rules by allowing buses to use it. That information may not be up to date but that’s what I was told.

    Personally I don’t mind either way, but I have had a fair number of calls from Kingsway residents complaining about the No 10 buses coming through from Copeland Park and going through Kingsway to the Tuffley link, so I would expect a fair amount of opposition to the idea!

    This may have already been said but wouldn’t it be better if the no10 bus could keep using Thatcham Ave and keep the link between Kingsway and Tuffley open?
    I can’t see any harm in keeping this open as it’s not as if it can be used as a rat run as it’s out of the way! I can’t see any problem with using this, keeping it one way so we can access Tuffley at least.

    With the subject of water rates and soakaways resurfacing, I am in no doubt these soakaways will cause sinkholes. Maybe not huge but the catalyst has been put in place. Especially with the quantities of rainfall this country is experiencing.

    Hi Folks,

    penybont_bach/yellowhouse: We (the Residents Association) have no information, so Joe Logan (Chairman) will contact the Post Office on our behalf.

    alzzi: Hank is correct; it seems that the diversion is in place whilst road repairs to Bodiam Avanue take place. However, it appears that their actions may be in contravention of a planning order, so the buses may be stopped sooner than that! (In the past week I have received 3 further calls from local residents complaining about this)!

    SSTAR: That’s where the Sports Pavilion, BMX Track and Trim Trail are being constructed.

    Sorry it took me a little longer than I anticipated to post this… This week has been frantic! πŸ˜•


    Alzzi – the road between Kingsway and Tuffley has been opened up so the Number 10 bus can take a diversion into Kingsway. This is due to the resurfacing work on Bodiam Avenue. I’d imagine it’ll soon be closed once the road is back open.

    Hi Neighbours,

    penybont_bach: You’re welcome πŸ™‚

    yellowhouse, alzzi & SSTAR: I will find out and get back to you, probably on Wednesday.


    Work Opposite Asda

    Does anyone know what they are doing opposite Asda? In the field near the tennis courts?


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