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Sunday, June 14th, 2015

After having problems with slow broadband below half of what it should be, I have made investigations to find out about having Fibre Broadband (bb), only to be told that the Kingsway area is not yet ready for it.
How can this be? It’s a new estate! Was it not put in by the developers or BT I asked? The reply:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

You are connected to HARDWICKE exchange cabinet 34.

I am really sorry, but having investigated our network data, we are not currently able to supply you With a fibre broadband service from our existing network. I appreciate this is disappointing news.

We are continuing to build our network to many more areas all the time and we believe this is the fastest roll- out of this type anywhere in the world.   We are also working in conjunction with the Government (BDUK) who like us have an ambition to reach as many residents in the UK as possible in the coming few years.

We appreciate this is of little comfort if you cannot access the superfast fibre network yourself. Unfortunately your property is not currently included in the network roll-out because after our initial survey, it was established that this cabinet would not be viable for Openreach to upgrade.

However, this is not necessarily the final position. Plans do change as our network grows and it’s worth keeping an eye on our website ( where we publish the very latest fibre coverage information.
For further information regarding Government initiatives within your area please visit which covers all areas and not just rural.

Another possible option is to think about getting together with neighbours or a local community group and raising the money to help build the network yourself.  We do have options for privately funded fibre cabinets in some places.  We cannot always guarantee this will be feasible in all cases, but we would be willing to look at it if this is an option that you would like to pursue. If you would like to contact the team, please email

Thank you again for taking the time to write to us and although we appreciate this is not the answer you are looking for, we hope it can help you understand that we have a real commitment to delivering superfast broadband to the people and businesses of Britain. We are sorry that we have not yet been able to provide you with this service and we really do hope that this position will change in the future.

Why should we be asked to pay for it? Why can’t the Developers?

Furthermore there is no date or even anything to say the area will get it in the future.

Anyone else have any ideas or ways to approach this problem that will effect us all?

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    New discussion available HERE

    Fastershire website showing that cabinet 34 is not included in this scheme but is saying that council can participate in costs to put fibre optic “A community will only be asked to cover costs above those of our commercial model.”

    Please have a look: HERE

    Looks like we have now 148 signatures

    Hi Jaroslaw,

    I’m sorry for the delay in replying to your last 2 comments 😳

    Good idea. I have posted on facebook (“Spotted K/Q/H”) to try and raise the last 8 signatures and I will ask at next weeks KRA meeting to see if anyone else has taken up the campaign since Paul left.

    (Also I fixed the link below to the fastershire website).


    Is there any chance that the local authority can push BT to install fibre optic into cabinet 34? I think that’s the only cabinet which does not support fast broadband. Or maybe have a chat with Virgin and see if they are planning to expand to Kingsway?

    Hi Jaroslaw,

    Good idea. In fact there are a number of Kingsway-related facebook groups and pages where a post asking for support would be appropriate and might be worthwhile…
    In fact I’ve added links to most of them on our Local Contacts & Services page. 🙂


    Maybe it would be worth putting that petition on the Kingsway “for sale Facebook page” to get more people to sign it.

    Hi Becky,

    I hope you don’t mind that I moved your comment to this thread; you can see (from the links in the above post) that this has been discussed many times before.

    It seems like it depends on which part of Kingsway you live in (specifically which cabinet you connect to)!

    An on-line petition was also started for this… So far only 79 signatures – The goal is 100.
    I see you’ve already signed it (anyone else who hasn’t, please do): HERE.

    Thanks for posting. Any information you get would be gratefully received.



    Can anyone please give me an update on if/when we will be getting Virgin Media in the area?

    I have registered my interest in getting it. I have also asked the freedom of information site to give me details on why they have not installed it already from Virgin. (I will let you all know the response when I get it).


    Hopefully we will get Virgin. BT just start putting copper cables I don’t understand why they will not do it fibre with it

    Hi Jaroslaw,

    I learned this week that Paul moved away from Kingsway a few months ago. Shame in this respect because he was something of a campaigner on our behalf… Let’s hope enough people vote on cablemystreet HERE, to get some notice, or sign the petition: HERE.

    Thank you.

    Hi Jaroslaw,

    I have Paul(barker77)’s Email details so will get in touch and ask him if he has any news.

    “barker77 is the best source of knowledge on this”

    Does anyone have his contact details? Maybe he can help us to get fibreoptic quicker, or knows why we are the only ones in Kingsway without fast internet.

    They seem to have forgotten about us on cabinet 34, as they said that we were supposed to be going live by September 30th.
    Bit frustrated to know that you live on a brand new estate and the developers didn’t even think to include 21st century technology (IE: Fibre Broadband) in their planning!

    Jaroslaw Gabruk
    October 5, 2015 at 2:52 am

    I’m connected to cabinet 34 and the internet is super-slow!
    What a shame we don’t have an access to Virgin.

    I’ve just found that virgin is planning a big expansion around the UK. If you are interested you can register on CableMystreet: .

    The more people who fill in form, the better the chance to get it in Kingsway.

    Please spread the word 🙂

    Anyone got any ideas when Cabinet 34 will be upgraded? The fastershire website does seem to be up to date.

    The BT cabinets are getting enabled around Kingsway. If you live in one of the newest areas it may take time because they enable it based on how many people are connected to each cab. As the connections grow it will move up in priority.

    Hi aston69,

    Thanks for posting.
    As you can see from the list of previous posts, this is something that has concerned a lot of local residents in the past.
    Reading through them, it seems like Fibre Broadband is available in Kingsway (from selected suppliers), but the cabinet you are connected to seems to be important! (My knowledge on this subject is woefully inadequate)!

    The conversation on the last post in the list continued until January this year, (so is pretty-much current).

    Meanwhile, I don’t think it’s something the Developers have any liability for; it wasn’t part of their planning applications, consent or conditions. So unless they decide that they want/need to provide it in order to help them sell the remaining houses being developed (not very likely I think) there’s no reason for them to pay for this.

    Regular poster (and ex KRA member) barker77 is the best source of knowledge on this, so hopefully he will respond here with some more useful advice.


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