Fibre Broadband Providers (Marham Drive)

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014


Can anybody living in Marham Drive recommend either BT or Sky for fibre broadband please? I am looking for an unlimited fast connection that will be good enough for on line Xbox gaming (plus my kids using YouTube)!

BT can provide unlimited Infinity 2 at 76mbps, whereas SKY has fibre unlimited at either 38mb or 76mb.

I have my concerns about BT as they are reported to throttle speeds even though they say they don’t? But the router provided is supposed to be good.

As for Sky, the router is supposed to be rubbish with WIFI strengths (which is where most of my internet connection is through). But I have heard they are better than BT for broadband?

I have also heard that in both cases, particularly with Sky you can only use their routers to access the internet. There are some reports of people using their own hardware, but apparently it’s an effort to get the settings off the providers kit to input in your own hardware?

Also how much hardware do they actually provide you with? Is SKY just the combined router/hub? But does BT have a router and the hub separately?

I was just trying to get a idea of what people might be using in Marham Drive (or even Kingsway) so that I can make my mind up, thank you.

I am currently using Virgin ADSL to access the internet with a BT phone line rental. But lately the connection has got so bad that I can barely get on line especially in the evening. After ringing them, there is nothing they can do to make it better as they are not providing fibre in Kingsway any time soon. This is the best package they can offer, so my only option is to find another provider.


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    My Sky fibre has been activated for a week now and I have been pleasantly surprised. I have had no connection drops, speed of web-page loading has been great, downloads fast and no lag for online video games. The whole activation process was very smooth, was kept updated by Sky all the time and the router arrived when stated. Can’t complain as it’s been excellent so far. My original concern was the reported weak wifi range on the router, but it’s been fine all over the house – have yet to try the range in the garden as it’s been too wet out there.

    I had one problem of my upstairs PC having connection problems for a few hours, this pc is the furthest away from the router and on wifi. So I rang up Sky and the support was excellent, hardly any waiting on the phone to get through and support centre was in the UK. To sort it out I just needed to change the wifi channel of the router and now my PC is OK. But I will leave it for the first ten days as requested by Sky; then tinker with the router to get an even better connection. After running a search it seems that other people in the area are on the same channel as myself.

    All in all, very impressed so far.

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