Residents Association Elections

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

When the RA was formed, the positions were elected on the proviso that we would have more elections in 6 months (due to us not knowing much about each other etc).

Thus in January there will be new elections for all positions in the Residents Association Committee. These currently being:
-Web Officer

So that people have a fair chance of electing someone they would like, everybody can nominate themselves for any position. All it takes is a post on here or an email to

In it, you need to state your name, address and a blurb about yourself. This blurb will go on the blog and literature we post round the estate to advertise the meeting.

I have had plenty of emails telling me how to be a better Chair, so here is the ideal opportunity for someone else to come in and make a difference.

There will also be the opportunity to make more positions, such as Social Secretary etc, so any volunteers/ideas, don’t hold back.

If anyone has questions about how much time and what each position involves, then please ask we are more than happy to advise.

We believe the Election will be at the school in the middle of Jan’, actual date to be advised, so watch this space.


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    It worked, I can submit 🙂

    I have also sent you a mail with a press release attached, which was sent to the RA account and should be posted 🙂 But the pictures is a bit technical for me and i have hit my posting limit.


    D’oh! Fiona is Andy’s wife 😆
    That’s what happens when you get to 50 mate… Your head goes to mush :mrgreen:

    Damn that article facility is driving me potty 😕 I’ve fixed it now… I’m pretty certain it will work (got Ang’ out of bed to test it for me – lol).

    Ok, have had a look and I still can’t post. 🙁

    You’re right about the baby changing things, our house is going to be bedlam (more so than it is already) 🙂

    Is Fiona a night out secretary? Or do I presume you mean Amanda? 😆 But I’m looking forward to a call and will whisper in the right ears to secure a pass for it 🙂

    Hi Baz,

    Evening pass… lol – nice idea.

    Thanks for the sentiment, Ang’ is still ill but looks like she’s (finally) on the mend!

    The bloody article submission form is driving me potty – lol – I heard back from the developer today, (he’s been ill too, so is behind with his issues)! Meanwhile I think I finally have found a bug in “permissions”; but I have a problem testing it… So – could I ask you to give it one more try for me pleeeease?

    We will definitely have to get together for a beer soon… Once that baby’s here you’ll have more trouble with evening passes than me 😆

    You’ll probably get a call from my pal Andy Kennedy about my stag night soon too (so maybe you should pre-book a night out with Fiona) 😉

    Thanks buddy, we need to arrange a catch up beer, though now you’re so old you will be having to take it easy, and getting married will mean you will need to get an evening pass 🙂

    Hope Ang’ and the kids get better soon.

    I still can’t post, which is odd…but no big deal, its not a rush item 😉

    Sure thing Baz…

    I read it yesterday 🙁

    Sorry for the delay but it’s been a terrible week for me, Ang’ is really ill, the kids have also been off-sick, am busy with wedding arrangements etc and – to top it all – I was 50 yesterday 😥 so am probably slowing down a bit 😆

    I don’t know what the problem was with your “permissions”… I certainly haven’t changed anything but that facility has been playing up a little lately (and the guy who wrote it hasn’t got back to me about it)! I spent some time looking at it yesterday and have fixed a few problems I spotted, so maybe it’ll work for you now.

    Clive –

    Can you please post my “announcement” that I emailed last week, I’d appreciate it, for some reason, my posting permissions have been removed.

    Cheers Baz

    Hi Baz,

    The lack of response is a little suprising, but I think it may have more to do with the past/current state of play with the QUVL, the housing market and the economy, rather than a lack of interest in involvement with local issues.

    Many residents are looking to the RA to deal with issues which are really not our business (as you say in your comments on this post). This has also caused a lot of extra work for the RA and funnelled much of our focus into becoming a free helpdesk for the QUVL, and so it may seem to some that we have achieved very little so far.

    You and I both know how much work has been involved up to now, how much time Richard has put in and how much we have achieved; sadly the daily fielding of "localised issues" (for many of which we are at the mercy of the QUVL) has become a burden which requires far more time than 4 people can hope to give.

    In addition, the economy has caused personal problems for members of the commitee who have, consequently had far less time to spare than they had originally foreseen.

    In my opinion we should try to distance the RA from the QUVL, stop dealing with their issues (except those that affect a large number of people) and simply refer residents to them for answers (as I also mentioned in the above-linked thread). Then we could get on with the business of creating / promoting / encouraging useful facilities in Kingsway (like the Youth Pod and other Youth work activities) and focus on Community activities and functions aimed at bringing the Community together.

    Funding is available from the various social housing groups involved in the area as well as the Police, the Parish Council and other interested parties, but it takes a lot of time to forge relationships with the right people in those organisations and we 4 have spent too much of our (free) time chasing the QUVL for the multitude of issues raised by their customers!

    My idea would be to try to create an Association including as many volunteers as we can get, and to increase the list of "positions" to match the number of interested people.

    For example, we could use a "Youth Officer", a "Fund Raiser", an "Events Organiser", several "Area Representatives" (to deliver leaflets and canvas limited numbers of houses on their &quotpatch" to help spread the word and keep in touch with those who don’t have internet access or can’t get to meetings etc)… To be honest the list is (potentially) endless; the more who take part, the more we can hope to achieve.

    In short, I think we should try to encourage anybody who is interested – and has time to spare – to volunteer for a position on the Association (and to offer their services in any way they feel comfortable with); rather like we mentioned in meeting #2 (for which – very sadly – we don’t seem to be able to procure any minutes, thus all details are lost – to me at least)!

    I am (obviously) still willing to remain as "Web Officer", and will still be the local community representative to the Police, and I am willing to continue forging those relationships with Youth organisations, Social Housing groups and the Parish Council etc, although I would equally be willing (and welcome) anybody else who’s interested in taking over some of those areas (and would – no doubt – be able to do a better job of them with less to focus on).

    January is (unfortunately) a time of year when everybody is busy and without any help with publicity, I wonder quite how many are even aware of the forthcoming meeting – and this thread!

    C’mon folks – Join us and Join in 🙂

    I have to say we have been completely underwhelmed by the amount of interest shown in this. If there is no interest then the RA will probably fold.

    We have to hold some form of election this month (as it was desired in the first meeting) but if there is no interest from the rest of the Community to do anything, then it does beg the question if there is any point having an RA at this time?

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