Dirt Bike Yobs

Monday, May 30th, 2016

Today 30th May 2016 at about 7:30PM, two yobs on a dirt bike decided to ride into Marham Drive wearing no helmets, but they did have hooded tops and face scarves to hide their identity.

They turned around outside our home probably noticing the CCTV cameras, but it was then that the yob on the back of the bike jumped off and took a crowbar to the rear windows of a neighbour’s car, smashing the rear passenger window and then the rear windscreen. They did this in front of two very young children, who were scared out of their minds, after witnessing such a mindless act of criminal damage.

The CCTV footage has been given to the police, but just to warn others to be on the look out for these yobs who seem to be intent on simply smashing windows for the sake of it. The two boys were wearing hooded tops. The bike rider had a grey hooded top and the passenger (the one who has the crowbar) was wearing a black hooded top, with a black scarf covering the bottom of his face.

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    Hi Mark,

    I’ve no idea what is allowed in this respect; the quote I gave was the entire email message I received.

    I’m sure they’ll get them in the end, but it’s going to be difficult without help from the public I think! 🙁


    Hi Clive.
    Just a quick note following on from your police contact comment. Did your police contact also tell you that they are not allowed to follow or persue any criminals on motorised bikes? Also if the owners of these vehicles deny owning such a thing how would the police ever be able to seize the vehicle? Basically as with most of todays police action they can’t do a damn thing about it because their hands are tied. These yobs know this so it will continue and there isn’t anything the police can actually do to stop it. Unless they rob a bank the police will do nothing.

    Hi guys. Further to this post I too have had a very close call with the converted push bike mentioned above. The idiot riding this vehicle cut straight across the roundabout at the end of Thatcham Avenue on the wrong side of the road while I was turning into Thatcham off of Woodvale. It was dark and he was almost completely invisible. I missed him or her by about 6 inches. Now my personal feeling about this incident is my car could have been badly damaged had we collided. I really have no feelings towards the rider regarding any injuries they may have sustained. If you behave like an idiot you deserve everything that comes your way.
    The dirt bike yobs however are reportedly coming from Matson area and hitting random places on their criminal damage spree. also another neighbour has had their vehicle vandalised in Marham drive with some sort of paint removing glue substance. But I feel this is more likely to be a revenge attack because they are not the most popular family in the area. so this is probably not linked.

    Sorry for another slow response.

    Sadly I fear the original youth has got away with this for so long that his friends have been encouraged to do the same, I believe there are at least 3 of these modified bikes and I’ve seen 2 of them riding together who are obviously friends they cross the bridge to/from Tuffley quite often though they’ve been keeping a low profile of late so maybe their numbers have been reduced

    Hey folks,

    I had this reply from my Police contact:

    We have recently received several complaints with regards to this bike being used around Kingsway.
    We have been given a couple of addresses of individuals who may be using them,but they have denied having possession of one.
    If you are able to provide us with any likely culprits I would appreciate if you would let me know so we can seize the bike.

    So if anybody can give me a name/address, I’ll pass it on.


    Hi Johnboy (and 1987),

    I have reported these incidents/details to the Police and will let you know if I hear anything further.


    Tonight my wife and I were walking down Boulmer Ave at around 7:15pm, when a bike (as described by 1987), came down the road at speed, heading towards Goose Bay Drive. This vehicle was very unusual as it is a converted push bike as described above. The youth did not have any lights on this unusual vehicle and it was starting to get dark and the youth riding it did not even have a helmet.
    Something needs to be done as it is definitely an illegal bike, before he kills someone or himself. Police need to keep an eye out for this Vehicle.

    Hi 1987,

    Sounds like an accident waiting to happen! 😮

    Welcome to Kingsway 🙂


    Not dirt bikes, but since moving in last weekend to Kingsway, I have noticed now on 3 occasions a male youth, doesn’t look much older than about 14 years old, bombing around on a modified mountain bike. He seems to have fitted a moped motor to it somehow and is casually riding it around the place at speed.

    I’ve now seen him twice at the park at the back of my house, which is the bigger park, with the tennis courts, skate park and the kids play area. You can see the local shops from it… not sure what it’s called locally, or the names of the roads. I’ve also seen him bombing up Rudloe Drive by Waterwells School. Not only is it likely to be illegal, it’s also a hazard as he’s weaving in and out of the paths and the cars etc. Worried he will end up knocking someone over! I’m guessing he may well live in this area as I’ve seen him do the same route twice on 2 different days whilst my kids play in the park.

    There are one or two dirt bikers regularly tearing around in the evening / early hours, including on very narrow footpaths. Just a matter of time before someone gets hurt.

    Hi Mark,

    Sorry I missed this post for a few days. (I Was so busy getting ready for the Big Lunch and afterwards when I cleared Joe’s post about that, I completely missed yours for some reason)!

    Pair of bloody idiots by the sound of it!
    Let’s hope somebody recognises the description of the outfits and puts a stop to it. 😡

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