Deliberate Danger and Anti-Social Behaviour

Monday, November 7th, 2016

It seems Marham Drive’s least popular residents are at it again with their deliberate anti-social behaviour and dangerous acts of firework use. These people know who they are and they continue to make our lives a misery. Guinness Homes (housing association) have ignored hundreds of complaints regarding these tenants and allow them to carry on behaving in the most despicable ways.

One private home owner has only been here for a short while and has been trying to sell the house ever since moving in. They have now sold the house but this is only because they have been driven out of their home by these extremely antisocial and often drunk (or stoned) hooligans!

Anyone living in Marham Drive will know who I am referring to. Only last night these missing links fired off loads of fireworks; not from their own property, oh no they used land belonging to the people they have driven out of the street. Not only did they fire these off horizontally and towards other homes, they exploded some right where they stood – rockets that should go up went horizontal! Kids in blankets watching this madness one child had the blanket burned, cars and other vehicles were struck by stray fireworks and they all had a jolly good time!

So for the minority that did enjoy last night’s display of utter idiotic behaviour, I will warn that from now on any more crap coming from these people will be reported directly to the police no matter how trivial it might seem. The reason for doing this is because Guinness will do nothing about them so maybe the police will. I really don’t care if they know who I am as I am sick of keeping quiet when these disgusting people behave the way they do. They live in the street, they shout and make noises like animals, so perhaps they should be the ones to get out of their home and live in the woods where animals belong.

My anger is very clear in this post as I am sure the many other residents that have witnessed these goings on will be just as angry. For a couple of households to be able to drive out private home owners and nothing gets done about it is a huge failing on the part of Guinness Homes, they should really be held responsible for this. And my message to these anti-social idiots is if they want to stand in front of my car and block the road they should expect to get knocked; I have dash cams recording our every journey and the footage they record will be given to the police. Hopefully it will finally sink in that it is a road, not a private play area for their offspring. So get out of the way when cars want to get past, it’s not rocket science. And if you want your children to play in a road may I suggest the M5 just off junction 16 I believe that one is nice and busy.


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    I would like to add a comment to this post in defence of other home owners in Marham Drive.

    I can see that you are truly angry and are using this platform to express your anger, but please spare a thought to how this type of post affects other residents living in Marham Drive.

    The area you talk about is far removed from where I live in Marham Drive and before reading this, I was not aware of the scale of the problem you talk about.

    One effect this post has had personally is the sale of a house. After 2 months of waiting to finalise the sale and all packed-up ready to go, the purchaser read this post and has now decided not to continue as Marham Drive doesn’t sound a nice place to live or to bring up their young children as there are “drunken & drugged up hooligans running amok everywhere in Marham Drive”… You and I know this is not the case but someone thinking of coming to live here would go on information they can obtain; websites such as this being a good source.

    I have found living here a pleasant experience with friendly neighbours and experienced no antisocial behaviour at all and I am sure that a good percentage of residents would agree to this.

    The purpose of this reply is to point out, think of how it affects other people when you post your thoughts on media.

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