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Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

During the "Residents Association resurrection meeting " of 22/10/2009, it was generally agreed that the Association should: "Present a focussed approach to the QUVL and apply pressure on them to address issues which are adversely affecting residents (eg: builders hours, construction traffic etc)"

At the last Residents Association committee meeting, we discussed the issue, which – it was noted – has continued to plague local residents.

During the AGM (minutes here), Andy Smith (QUVL) invited local residents to report breaches in the agreement to "Planning Enforcement Officer – Andy Birchley".

To facilitate this, the Residents Association has agreed (with your help) to compile lists of such problems, which we will submit (as appropriate) on a monthy basis, (to show it is indeed a very real problem which needs solving).

Thus the RA has asked me to invite you all to submit (via comments on this post), any sightings of constructor’s traffic, with as much info’ as possible… IE:

  • Date
  • Place
  • Time
  • Vehicle Description
  • Any Other Relevant Info’


30 Responses to “Contractors Traffic”

    Today 25 Jan ’13 at 11:50, a CEMEX lorry entered Kingsway along Woodvale, but as I was not going in the same direction I cannot say where it went. From the lorry type it was probably a tarmac/aggregate delivery.
    Someone else that can’t read the signs!

    Morning All,

    Yet again these large open-backed trucks collecting / offloading soil have been rolling in this morning at; 0725hrs, one after the other!

    They could be heard before they were seen from the direction of Goose Bay Drive, and into Brize Avenue. The noise was shocking as they each banged their trucks up & down the raised humps in the road. Clearly, any time restriction of 0800hrs, remains ignored by the Developers toward the ever growing community!

    Morning All,

    For some weeks now – we have been woken by the headlights of a Large Red Transit Van, “Seddon” which arrives each weekday morning via Brize Avenue (0600hrs) as it bangs across the speed-humps on approach to the junction of Goose Bay Drive & Linton Avenue. The van speedily turns into Linton Ave’, and then first right into Waddington Way. The vehicle is with The Developers, and needs QUVL alerting as the morning start time is being breached from what is allowed (IE 0800hrs -to- 0600hrs)!

    • Date 6 January 2012

    • Place Lorry travelling down Thatcham Avenue towards the direction of Taylor Wimpey

    • Time 9.00am

    • Vehicle Description “CPD Distribution” lorry with a forklift-looking vehicle loaded to the back of it. (Did not catch the registration number).

    • Heavy lorry travelling at speed which shook the house.

    Hi Emily

    Your first port of call is Barrets, they should ensure the road is clean and is normally part of the planning conditions. If they don’t do anything, the next step is to complain to the City Council to ask for enforcement. The contact details are on the city council website.




    Reporting such matters needs to be brought before QUVL, and they address the contractor responsible. The email address for QUVL is:

    I too would like to report construction vehicles coming into the development before; 0800hrs yet again. Yesterday, at: 0720hrs, we were disturbed by a very large low-loading truck which was making it’s way out from Goose Bay Drive, and beyond the junction with Linton Avenue, into Brize Avenue. The truck had already collected a large construction digger as it noisily drove out.

    This morning, we were disturbed again by yet more low-loaders from Brize Avenue, past Linton Avenue & into Brize Avenue. The trucks arrived at: 0730hrs.

    Wondered if anyone can help?
    Our lane is at the back of Kingsway, Donna Nook Lane, and we still have Barratt using it to construct houses which we have no problem with. However, now the weather has gone downhill they are leaving it plastered in mud every evening, along with the part of Brize Avenue they use.

    Just wondered before we complain to Barratt if they are meant to clear it up? Also, who would we complain/raise the issue with? Barratt or the Constructors Group?

    Any help would be appreciated,

    Thank you


    This morning I followed a DAF white curtain-sider rigid reg: MX04XCM around 10.15, on to Kingsway through Woodvale.
    The lorry had no identification on the rear. I did try to see who the company was but all I could see was what looked like Brightframes.
    We followed the lorry down Thatcham Ave, and then it turned down towards Miller Homes & Charles Church/Persimmon development .

    I saw a Hills construction vehicle along Thatcham Avenue at 7.50 am on Thursday, 5 May.
    I couldn’t get the whole reg’ but think it either started with RX06 or XR06.

    We have noticed for the past week now – an all white boxed truck roaming this, and other roads throughout the day/night. Within the week past it made several trips in & out of this road in one day – making it’s last visit at: 2130hrs, after leaving the area at the end of this road where building continues. We equally encountered it’s arrival at: 0135hrs, this morning, as the noise of it’s arrival woke us. I was too dazed to notice it’s registration but I will monitor through the daylight hours for it’s return in order to catch it!

    DATE: Wed 2nd Feb 2011
    TIME: 3.55pm
    PLACE: Woodvale
    DESCRIPTION: Long blue lorry with “City Plumbing Supplies” written on the side in yellow.

    DATE: Tues 8th March 2011
    TIME: 4.10pm
    PLACE: Woodvale
    DESCRIPTION: Orange tractor digger with scoop-arm

    DATE: Fri 11th March 2011
    TIME: 10.40am
    PLACE: Woodvale
    DESCRIPTION: Yellow truck with skip on it and “Building Supplies” written on it

    DATE: Tuesday 15th March 2011
    TIME: 11.20am
    PLACE: Woodvale roundabout at bottom of Thatcham Ave
    DESCRIPTION: White cement mixer with “Cemex” written on it

    Take reg’ no’s, jump through hoops, chase your tail game. The construction traffic is really, really bad. Combine that with the poor road surfaces… The house we live in is 3 yrs old, literally being shaken constantly! Surprised none yet have started to crumble. QUVL need to monitor and stop traffic; IE Investigate properly, but this will never happen. Things will improve when the roads have been surfaced, less vibration and constant thumps… ’til then hoops ‘n tails game!

    This morning in the last 10 min’s, 3 Hanson lorries going by Woodvale Road. Unable to read number plates as they are too muddy! Following commerical vehicles: DF53AHC, BN52BWL, RJ60LFA, BV10MZJ, VF07VGV Clarkson & Evans, R6ASG, BN52BWL. There has also been a dumper from Swindon Hirer, no number plate. It must have been going up and down Woodvale 20-30 times in the past 2 days collecting soil. Yes I understand you’re planting up, but the soil is going everywhere! Can it not be covered before travelling?

    2 artic lorries have just come from Thatcham Avenue and out at Woodvale Road 09.37. Reg’ is FJ59WYS and the other one only got half – YN05 A8 KCJ silver van A8 KCJ, RA08ONJ Gibsons Gloucester lorry, and a Swindon Plant – no number plate; I thought vehicles with no number plates shouldn’t be on the road!

    (21/02/2011. 20:53hrs)

    We have been monitoring for the past couple of hours, and far outside permitted hours of work, workmen – along with two large trucks inside the area of land with considerable amounts of building materials connect to Persimmons. The land space is within the road marked-up with the Charles Church Flag-Pole signage off from Brize Ave, and almost at the junction-point of Linton Ave & Goose Bay Drive. The truck which has just left (20.53hrs) the site was a large red articulated vehicle with: R J Lander Ltd written front/sides. I couldn’t read the registration plate as it was very dark at this hour. The truck drove out via Brize Avenue, and down Thatcham Avenue, in the direction of the main entry/exit of Kingsway. The second white truck remains on-site in darkness.

    Does the lorry which parks just off the first roundabout most nights belong to one of the developers? I previously thought it may have been a resident that had been taking advantage of the blocked off road, but I’ve noticed that most nights it now contains heavy plant equipment.

    The recent roadworks in Wittering Way/Lakenheath/Aldergrove have made it virtually impossible to know which way I can actually access my house on any given day… they’ve been randomly blocking off the entrance to Aldergrove (which is too narrow for two vehicles to pass incidentally and is the main access to approx 25 properties) and Lakenheath with no signage to indicate the road is closed until you reach it. Barriers around raised ironworks have been left in the middle of the road in Wittering Way – making it barely passable. I’m glad they’re finishing off the road, but a little bit of consideration for the residents trying to get in and out of their homes would be appreciated. Also, why do people insist on parking across junctions? The main offenders are those on the bend opposite the entrance to Wittering Way – it clogs up the whole of Thatcham Avenue – have some consideration of the Highway Code!

    DATE: Thursday 17th February 2011
    TIME: 12.10pm
    PLACE: Roundabout at Woodvale/Thatcham Avenue
    DESCRIPTION: Registration Number WX60 AXR, it was a white constructor truck with “Hanson” written on the side.

    On my way back home this evening, I was passed by two work vehicles leaving along Thatcham Ave at 16.24
    One was a K W Bell Vauxhall Van With 2 operatives, the 2nd was a Ford Transit (White) right behind the K W Bell vehicle, not sure how many in there as the Transit had blacked out side windows.
    I know this company does the ground work for Persimmion homes

    Andy Birchley (Gloucester City Council Planning Officer) needs to be aware of work taking place in or outside of official hours. Mr Birchley has taken legal action against Taylor Wimpey last year for working outside of official hours. The Council won the case after detailed evidence was provided. You can contact The Council direct, or use their email address for making reports – they are passed to him, and he will email you back himself (

    Mr Crook (CCS) can equally receive reports of this kind if those carrying out work outside of official hours are registered with the CCS too.

    Should not incidents of contractors and builders working outside of permitted hours be reported to Gloucester Planning Dep’t?
    They are given times by the planning department when they are allowed to be on-site, and are not permitted to be building after their set hours, so this could be a breech of planning rules.


    Check which developer is responsible for the condition of the holes. If found that they are registered with the "Considerate Constructors Scheme", (a limited few are), contact Mr David Crook (Public Liaison Officer) and he will make formal contact with that Developer on your behalf (if they are registered with CCS), in order for the matter to be addressed without causing you further undue concern.

    Mr Crook can be contacted via tel: 0800 783 1423 / 01920 485959, and asked to be connected with him, or via email:
    Mr Crook is already aware of a number of serious concerns on the development which resulted in Taylor Wimpey being instructed to remove signage suggesting they were registered with CCS, when in-fact they weren’t, and have recently taken action with regard to Lioncourt Homes, at the junction of: Linton Ave & Thatcham Ave for the same reason.

    Date: 04/02/2011
    Place: Along Thatcham Avenue heading out of village to A38
    Time: 12:30
    Vehicle Description: White Van (possibly Vauxhall Combo), no signing on it, Reg: WF57 KOD
    Any Other Relevant Info: Have picture

    Just leaveing Kingsway this morning at 09-50am, followed
    a large lorry "EJ BERRY" Reg no: CN09BBZ Tel No: 01594 842428 /0117 9584020
    Leaving from the far end of Thatcham Ave to the traffic lights to join the A38.
    This is one of many contractors who just refuse to use the road by Naas Lane.
    One other thing, when are they going to fill the VERY LARGE HOLES at the entance
    to Marham and Thatcham Avenue?


    I equally registered with the Highways Agency (who have inspected, and will be challenging/removing) the different developers who have placed their respective advertising signage up & down a very lengthy section of the A38 in large numbers, and many of those signs are attached to: Lamp Posts, Directional Road Signs, Speed Restriction Signs and – more alarmingly – the main Traffic Lights which bring you into the development itself.

    I have responding emails from both: Gloucester Highways Agency & Central Highways Agency in London – these make clear that the many different signage maybe illegal in both their amount, and their positioning.

    Date: 04/02/2011
    Place: Thatcham Avenue (in and out)
    Time: In 8:05am Out: 8:20am ish
    Vehicle Description Think it was ‘City Plumbing’ Blue small truck. Reg: FA53 AMX (if memory serves me correctly)
    Any Other Relevant Info’

    Date: 11/01/2011
    Place: From A38, into Kingsway, down Thatcham and to Miller Homes
    Time 10:35 – 10:40am
    Vehicle Description KX55 DKV – Symphony Kitchens
    Any Other Relevant Info’: I have video evidence running from A38 all the way to Millers site office.


    Thank you for emailing me directly with regard to matters relating within this thread. I, as you know, have more than two thousand images of serious concern with regard to Contractors Behaviour within surrounding roads or yards. Behaviour including:

    Working outside of permitted hours, and on Sundays.

    Cavalcades of trucks arriving much before the permitted hours of operation, and or making deliveries long after permitted hours. Simply, they crane the deliveries over-the-top of closed gates.

    Fires being left burning inside the yard behind our home on more than one occasion after workmen left the area.

    Cranes being driven along our, and surrounding streets fully extended with the driver inside the platform up-on-high as he passed top-floor bedroom windows.

    Developers advertising themselves as registered with the "Considerate Constructors Scheme", when – in fact, they weren’t! One of those developers recently took several months or constant instruction for removal of signage but instead the CCS themselves were forced to attend the development in order to remove the signs themselves!

    Overloaded fork-lifts roaming the roads whilsts residents were equally attempting to use the roads at the same time – some spilling their loads after becoming unstable!

    Articulated trucks being unloaded on the roads themselves, and not within their respective yards.

    Cranes lifting large metal containers used as site offices for Persimmons, over the pathway on Brize Avenue – which was being used by residents (adults & children on-foot) without any restriction, barriers or monitoring as they passed under these large heavy containers hanging directly above them.

    The entrance of our street had been left for many months un-finished. We received a notice posted in residents letterbox’s via Taylor Wimpey (retained) indicated it’s completion within a certain day, and preventing residents from using the street for that day. The works were never completed. Simply, we encountered many weeks thereafter before it was inspected by Gloucester City Council Planning Inspectors, who demanded it’s completion without further delay.

    Large Construction Cranes, fork-lifts & dumper trucks being loaded/unloaded in the street directly alongside our own – which blocked access in & out for long periods of each day it took place.

    Barriers being extended out into the road without any warning signs as you attempted entering/leaving this road at a blind junction. The road reduced in width which forced vehicles to mount the pathway in order to pass the restriction.

    Drainage pumps spewing rain/mud from dug-outs within Taylor Wimpey’s Yard – out into Linton Avenue, and down into the main drainage network.

    Large deep holes left in the road for many months without any hazard signs around them or lighting during darkness, only to be filled within the past ten days after reporting.

    Concrete base-plate holding-up metal barriers surrounding Persimmons Yard pushed-out into road without any warning notice or lighting during darkness hours. The road itself is controlled by Taylor Wimpey, and both parties are blaming each other rather than removing it!

    The list could continue but I don’t wish repeat all which has already been registered with QUVL via it’s long standing email address for residents to use. Sadly, each report made over these many months has been completely ignored and therefore any confidence toward their addressing matters now is very limited.

    … and another report from Kimberley:

    Date : Wednesday 19th January 2011
    Time: 10.15am
    Place: Roundabout at bottom of Thatcham Avenue / Woodvale
    Vehicle: White van with “Direct Build” written on the side in yellow
    Registration: HY04 JYX
    Other: 2 men in vehicle

    To start us off, RA Committee member Kimberley Poppitt asked me to add this report:

    Date: Tuesday 18th January 2011
    Time: 11.20am
    Place: Roundabout at bottom of Thatcham Avenue/Woodvale
    Vehicle: Large bright blue lorry with “Jewson” written on the side in yellow
    Other: Two construction men in vehicle / Sorry I did not have the time to get the registration number.

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