Con Men on Thatcham

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

I feel it is very important to alert the residents of Kingsway about a couple of Con’ Men who targeted one of my customers on the 5th of September.

She (customer) has been away on holiday leaving her Audi car and home under the watchful eyes of neighbours and her lodger. Sometime during the day on the 5th of September two men knocked at her door and told her lodger that they were there to collect her car and take it for repair; they then asked the lodger for the keys.

They had no paper work but were wearing matching tops that displayed a car body repair company name. Thanks to the wise actions from the lodger they failed to take this car as he refused to hand over the keys. This happened near the beginning of Thatcham Avenue.

I have mentioned to my customer that I would post this on this site. I understand this has been reported to the Police and also understand the two men were driving a hired Vauxhall Astra.

I am sorry that this is a bit vague but I felt the need to warn others that this has happened.

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    Afternoon All,

    This is the positive side of use for our Community Website, and Blog… Having direct information of concern like this brought to our collective attention instantly for awareness so we can guard ourselves from falling foul of possible criminal activity.

    Thank you for alerting us of this behaviour.

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