Clearwater School or Kingsway Seniors?

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

Clearwater School Site or A Kingsway High/Secondary School?

Plans have been published for Clearwater school site!

This would mean the loss of public open space and parking at Clearwater Drive Conservation Ground & a 2 storey School building for 450 pupils put in its place. Developers expect planning application due in July.

Would it not make more sense to build a new Secondary School as that is needed in the Area? Not another Primary School.

A New school would be better placed in Kingsway rather than Quedgeley as there are not many green spaces left in Quedgeley.

Perhaps land off Newhaven Road adjacent to Bar bar Nursery would be a better location for a school or land off Rudloe Drive that’s yet to be developed?

That would make more sense as the school could then make use of the current sports facilities in the area like Kingsway Sports Pavilion, tennis courts, playing field & also Waterwells Sports Centre. Also an open Air Lido or Swimming pool could possibly be built in the Area Providing Swimming Facilities locally for Quedgeley & Kingsway Schools & Residents.

Whats Needed Β in the Area? Peoples Thoughts on this?

[Editors Note: Read more about this at: Gloucestershire Live |]

4 Responses to “Clearwater School or Kingsway Seniors?”

    Hi John,

    I’m not sure if you made the meeting (maybe you did and we didn’t get time to be introduced).
    It was quite busy and I didn’t get the opportunity to raise this question during the meeting (too busy taking minutes), so I spoke to Cllr Dave Norman afterwards who said this is quite a complex issue as Glos’ County Council are no longer responsible for funding construction/expansion of schools, but he invited people to contact him by E-mail (his details are HERE) with suggestions and input.


    Hi John,

    I look forward to meeting you πŸ™‚

    If by chance you can’t make it, (or have to leave before we get the chance), I will be sure to pass on your opinion (and the support for it) to the local councillors.


    Hi Clive,
    I will try and get to the meeting if I can but on Night shift that night so would not stay long.
    Regards John

    Hi Johnboy,

    Thanks for posting πŸ™‚

    I agree. We seem to be inundated with infant schools and yet there is a shortage of senior schools in the area.
    It seems that Kingsway is to become the infant/junior school capital of Quedgeley!

    I posted this on facebook and so far all answers seem to agree that a senior school is needed much more than another infant/juniors.

    I also agree that Newhaven would be a much better place for access and convenience and would negate the need to spoil the land at Clearwater.

    There will be some local councillors at the KRA Public Meeting (next Wednesday), so it might be an opportunity to discuss this and get more information.

    I also agree that a small leisure centre with swimming facilities would be a fabulous addition to the Quedgeley area; there were plans to build one at the top of Fieldcourt back in the 80’s (the main reason why I bought a house near there) but they were scrapped and a million tiny houses built there instead! πŸ™


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