Car Crash – A Narrow Escape

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Last Tuesday (22nd September, shortly after 2:15pm)  I had a call from Angelina – obviously very distraught – she said “I’ve crashed the car, I’ve turned it over on Naas Lane”!

Conscious of the fact that I could easily become the 2nd casualty of the day if I overdid it, I had to swallow my impatience and so – driving as quickly as possible without panicking – I shot off down Naas Lane to find her.

When I reached the end of Naas Lane without site of anything untowards I turned left down Haresfield Lane, my progress was hampered by a couple of cars ahead of me until a Police car – sirens blaring – overtook us.

Not being in the mood to hang around I pulled out and followed the Police and we travelled along the lane until we came across this (YIKES):

Car CrashCar Crash

Apparently, as Ang’ rounded the bend, she lost her steering & the car lurched violently to the right. She tried to correct it, realised the steering wasn’t reacting as normal, so held on for grim death as the car swerved into the verge, climbed the bank, span over and crashed down onto the road & slid 30-50 yards until it came to a stop!

Ang’ says the stereo was still running so she realised that the electrics were still working, wound down the window, undid her seat belt (she was upside down at the time) and crawled out of the car. Then she sat on the verge, pulled out her ‘phone to call the Police and burst into tears 😥

What happened next was quite surreal! A car came down the lane driven by a woman who pulled up, wound down her window and shouted to Ang’ that she had a meeting to get to and needed to get past 😯

Fortunately a guy coming in the opposite direction jumped out and called the Police and Ambulance; then they watched in amazement as the woman climbed the opposite grass bank to get around the car and sped off down the lane!

More good fortune came in the shape of an off-duty Paramedic who looked after Ang’ until the Ambulance arrived (which took way over 45 minutes) to take her to hospital.

The Police in attendance were extremely efficient and helpful and – although they will not be investigating the cause (no 3rd party involvement, damage or injury) – the Officer I spoke to said that it looked as it the driver-side front tyre may have blown and that – at the 40MPH which Ang’ said she was travelling – it’s easily possible for a car to flip, especially given the nature of the grass verge (steeply sloped up to around 4 feet) which she mounted.

Thankfully she had no broken bones (miraculous when you see the car), just lots of bumps, bruises and cuts and a week off of work to recover from the pain and the shock (which really kicked in after a day or two, particularly when we revisited the crash site)!

Car Crash

Ang’ was more distressed by the fact that she’s only had the car (an immaculate – and very sturdy – Renault Megane) for a few months and she really liked it 🙁
Now we just have to wait for the insurance assessment (due today) and the valuation (no doubt less than she paid for it) and – thankfully – she’s back at work tomorrow.

Huge THANK YOU’s go out to the guy who called the Police (and took care of the impatient lunatic), the off-duty Paramedic (who was wonderful), the Police, the Ambulance crew (Adam and his partner – very nice guys), the staff at Gloucester Royal’s A&E department and whichever Guardian Angel decided that Angelina should live through such a harrowing experience.

I’ve added a gallery containing all of the pictures of the car crash.

5 Responses to “Car Crash – A Narrow Escape”

    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you all for your sweet comments.

    Yes I am one lucky girl. Now, if only I could close my eyes without re-living it… I know it’ll take a while though.

    Have been back at work for a week now (work have been taking it easy on me – thank goodness as I am still a little sore).

    Heard from the Insurance Co’ (a week late), and now it’s being sorted and I’m waiting for my cheque. Not as much as the car was 🙁 but never mind. So I’m now looking for a new car.

    I’ve been back behind the wheel since Wednesday… Everyone must think it’s a granny driving though (where I’m driving so carefully) 🙂

    Anyway thanks again everyone,

    Angelina xxx

    Hi Clive, glad Ang is ok as that does look like a bad crash.

    On the road situation my wifes car has also had to get a tyre replaced due to nails, which only resulted in a slow puncture, and everytime i get on my bike i have to check the tyres for nails as a blowout on a motorbike could be a big issue..

    But we all know the likelihood of the roads being sorted any time soon dont we??

    Wow, good job it happened where and when it did as opposed to a motorway. I hope Ang is ok and not too shaken up.

    I have to agree with Daisily, the state of the roads has cost me 2 wheel and tracking and also damage to 2 hire cars (wheels).

    OMG, what a mess on the car. Glad Ang is ok, Suprising really when you see how bashed the car is. Hope shes back behind the wheel soon. x

    On another note, myself and another resident both had blowouts on our cars earlier this year. This was before the roads were finished. Mine was in the fast lane on the motorway, luckily i managed to control my steering and pull over but that scared the life out of me and the mess on the wheel was shocking. Anyway my point being the roads on the estate havent done any of our cars any favours 🙄

    Wow, sounds like Angelina had a lucky escape. At least no-one was seriously hurt. Fingers crossed she gets what the car was worth from the insurance. Remember to give them receipts for any work you’ve had done on it or parts you’ve bought for it, they have to factor those in.
    And if you didn’t buy it that long ago then the original purchase receipt too…
    Love to you both

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