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Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Here’s the latest news about BT’s new, superfast fibre optic broadband, BT Infinity… It’s called The Race to Infinity – the chance to make our area the next to experience BT Infinity.

Fast broadband is being launched all over the UK. Harwicke – which is our local exchange – is in the running to have it very soon. So please cast your vote in the Race To Infinity NOW, and help Hardwicke be the winning area.

With enough votes, you could be looking at speeds of up to 40Mb – in other words, a totally transformed internet, where downloads, uploads, chat and play can all happen at once. Suddenly, all those things that used to take forever on the internet, don’t.

All you need to do is follow the link above, which asks you to enter in your postcode, and vote, vote, vote 🙂

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    Conversation continued in this thread.

    It seems BT aren’t upgrading all the cabinets within each exchange. A lot of cabinets under the Hardwicke exchange are already enabled but I don’t think any Kingsway ones have been?

    According to this the fibre to cabinet is set to complete 1st March. Although as it was supposed to complete in December, this may still get delayed.

    Has anyone been able to get Infinity yet as our exchange should now be enabled?

    For anyone who maybe interested – The Latest on BT Infinity to the Hardwicke (SSHWK) Exchange – as of 16thFeb2011 RollOut (road map)

    Hardwicke (SSHWK) – scheduled for Upgrade: Dec 2011


    Clearly, it’s each to their own really when it comes to the different Tel/Broadband Service you want that’s on offer.

    BT have always been very good from our contact with them. I have had direct talks with directorship level, and I asked for Infinity in the area over a year ago. The signs are very positive indeed.

    BT are pretty overpriced for what they offer, and I would strongly suggest people look at alternatives. Most BT packages are over £20 a month, whereas a similar O2 package is less than a tenner.

    There is cash to be saved here people..

    As BT customers we are happy to fund the extension of their Infinity network to our exchange in Hardwicke. No doubt some freeloaders will benefit too.

    Paul and Evari

    Have emailed Virgin again and they have emailed me back to say they will look into it again and get back to me soon. I will keep you updated with any news.




    I emailed them last year. Around a year ago I got this reply:-

    Hi Paul

    We have completed our preliminary investigation into the area you suggested for cable infill. Unfortunately this area is too far from our existing network to be covered by our infill activity.

    To cable this area would require a major network extension. There are no immediate plans to extend the network into new areas if this requires main build – as this is very expensive. As we find new ways of serving areas such as this that are outwith the existing network, we will look at your request further.

    I appreciate this is not good news, but be assured our team have investigated this very thoroughly and will continue to look for other solutions that may help us achieve this in the future.

    Best regards


    Ian Herbertson
    | Head of New Build & Direct Sales Support
    Virgin Media | 1 South Gyle Crescent Lane, Edinburgh EH12 9EG

    I agree that if everyone emailed then they may consider it. Especially as they would only need to get past QUVL to lay the cable.

    Hi Mclovin

    I maybe completely wrong on this, but I believe BT are responsible for upgrading the exchange that will enable all that are connected to it to have super fast broadband speed. So you don’t necessarily need to be a customer of BT to get it. You just need to be connected to the Hardwicke exchange. I’m with Talktalk (who are also pretty rubbish with customer service!) but the line is still connected to the exchange that BT own in Hardwicke.
    If I’m wrong, perhaps someone more in the know can let us know.
    But basically if BT don’t upgrade it, we’ll never get it! So I support them – I’m certainly looking forward to getting it late next year! 🙂

    Not sure if I would like to support any BT rollout. Their customer service is poor, and the prices are extortionate.

    Personally I use O2 which despite running on the same lines is 1/3 of the price, and the customer support is outstanding.

    Meanwhile virgin media announce their new 100Mbps package…

    I think it would be far more useful if we all emailed Virgin ( saying that we want their service in Kingsway.

    Hardwick is already on the plan to have Infinity in December 2011, so my vote did not seem to count.


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