BT Infinity in Kingsway

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

BT Infinity

Hi All,

Sorry for the slight duplication to the Virgin/Infinity thread, but I wanted to seperate this one out.

Having spoken to BT it seems that some cabinets within Kingsway were deemed not to be financially viable to upgrade to Infinity. This appears to be due to the fact that hardly any houses were connected to them at the time. This of course has changed now, with a large proportion of the estate now built. To try and get BT to move and upgrade these we need people to register to prove that interest is high.

There is no commitment to buy, just that you might be interested.

If you are interested then please visit this link and input your details, (forwards to BT Openreach site).

As a Residents Association, we are hoping to push BT into investigating upgrading these cabinets ASAP.


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    Thanks for the reply Barker,

    I guessed as much. Openreach now provide quite a bit more information in respect of their cabinet roll out plans compared to a couple of years ago.

    Fingers crossed it will get picked up at some point in the future! I note that other cabinets local to Kingsway (Hunts grove for example) are still yet to be upgraded and hopefully Openreach will come back and mop up what is remaining providing its viable from a commercial perspective.

    Gibbo ,
    That cabinet isn’t currently on a roll out schedule so likely to be at least 2 years but will get more detail. In the mean time you should get over 6mb by going with TalkTalk or Sky have a look at the speed estimate on their websites for a more accurate estimate.


    GL2 2FX

    Gibbo – got a postcode to go with this?


    There is a new(ish) cabinet serving Kingsway (cabinet no. 34). Do any of you know if this is planned to be upgraded at some point?

    On BT’s checker it says the cabinet is ‘under review’ although this is somewhat ambiguous and I wondered if any of you guys that are in the know have more information?


    barker77, Thanks very much for all your efforts on this. I had Infinity installed today from cabinet 28, apparently there are 36 of us connected to the cabinet at the moment. I’ve now got 72mbps down and 17mbps up. A little better that the 10mbps down and 1.5mbps up I had before.

    Well done for all your effort and persistence Barker 77 in helping to improve the infrastructure on Kingsway which should help individuals and those running a business with their broadband speed etc. I for one have yet to have faster broadband speed but now ‘cos of your efforts, I have that choice which is important in an environment that’s approx 7 years old. Cheers barker77 and as you say ‘whats next that Kingsway needs’?

    Ok… So now that’s done what’s next that Kingsway needs?

    I would expect that your best bet would be to order a new line as part of a fibre order – that way you’ll get a line thats connected to a cabinet.

    I think I’ve worked out why I cant order Fibre, seems that I am on a direct connection to the exchange. This was set up when Kingsway was largely unpopulated and now we cannot connect to Cab 27. So no fibre for me and a few of my direct neighbours!

    Can anyone explain why I can’t order Fibre at my Address I’m on Cab 27 , all my neighbours address say available but mine comes up not yet available. BT have been no help at all

    Great news! just ordered mine on cabinet 29… Thanks for all effort to those who made this happen!

    Go crazy, 29 now accepting orders!

    Without wanting to get into a “my ISP is better than yours argument”, I just noticed that talktalk have some awesome deals on at the moment:

    Up to 38mb £12.50 a month
    Up to 76mb £17.50 a month

    FYI Cabs 27 & 28 are accepting orders. Current lead time for BT installs are around 10 days.

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