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Hi all,

I have lived in the village for the past year.

I signed up with Sky for Broadband, but for the whole year, it has been pretty much terrible (120kbps download speed). I’m now at the end of the contract. I live on Northwood Drive (Persimmon Phase 2), and don’t seem to be able to get the ‘big’ packages offered by the likes of O2, Sky or Virgin, etc, using their postcode finders.

Can anyone advise me of a reliable, relatively fast broadband provider that I could sign up with please?



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    We’re with Utility Warehouse, using their “BroadCall Max” service for telephone and broadband. I’ve just checked, and get 6.5MBps download, and 750Kbps upload with a ping of 43mS to Birmingham on the Speedtest website. We also get free ‘global’ calls, 24×7 as we have four services with them (telephone/broadband/gas/mobile). They’ve halved what we were spending on gas alone… 🙂

    Hi again,

    I have checked again with O2 and used the Sam Knows link (thank you, chumly and evari!) and I may be able to get one of their dedicated services. I had given up on them, despite being a mobile customer, but maybe they installed at Hardwicke since I took their online test. Thank you all for the tips. I’ll call them tomorrow and see if I can get a proper service, not a piggyback!


    holbeach miserable
    July 12, 2010 at 1:44 pm


    It seems odd that O2 are saying that they are piggybacking in the BT line, and not using their own LLU at Hardwick!

    Is all of Kingsway supported by the Hardwick exchange, or are some of the properties up in the later phases supported by Tuffley??

    An option for you, may be to get a 3G mobile card if that is the maximum your line can handle.


    Hi all, thanks for the replies. I have run a speed checker and get download speeds of 120kbps. I have also taken the BT ‘check what spped we can give you’ test and they say 0.256 megs. Woo hoo! With regards to O2, I have been told I am not in one of their ‘areas’ so cannot have a dedicated O2 service, just the piggybacking of the BT line.

    I also have been hoping Virgin would move into the area, having had very good BB from them in my previous home in Quedgeley. Maybe one day!

    If your a O2 customer you get unlimited broadband for £7.50 P/M. For the phone line and broadband you pay £17 P/M. I have both and I saved a fortune! Great service and quick broadband. I think they have 3 months free broadband at the moment as well.
    I got the broadband takeaway box from the O2 shop in Gloucester. They explained it all to me and gave me the router in store so all I had to do was call customer service (based in the UK) when I got home to set it up.
    We were with Sky who said we would only pay £5 and have fast speeds. We were actually being charged £17.50 and half a meg speed! I was not happy and switched to O2. No problems at all and really happy.

    Whoops, I stand corrected. I forgot 02 and talk talk had installed their LLU service in Hardwicke. Then yes 02 or BE are the best to go with, they also DO NOT apply any form of traffic shaping on their system either. (this is otherwise known as throttling, they reduce the speed of your line during peak hours, most but not all apply this, other’s apply it and don’t tell you about it).

    I’ve been praying for a long time that Virgin would lay fibre here in Kingsway, I’m getting close to giving up hope.

    I have spoken to Virgin Media on the Implementation of Fibre into Kingsway.

    They were approached at the beginning of Building Phase 1 some years ago, but since they couldn’t guarantee customer interest, it was deemed not commerically viable to lay the Fibre Infrastructure. However, they have agreed to review the situation if they get enough interest.

    I suggest we put some kind of petition together and submit it to Virgin Media Directly.

    All the telephone lines in Kingsway connect to the Hardwicke exchange in which only O2/BE and Talk Talk have installed their own hardware. If you want the best speeds and price go with one of them, otherwise you’re just being resold BT broadband.

    Regardless you should be getting real world speeds of at least 2Mbps whoever you’re with and wherever you live in Kingsway.

    I just hope Virgin decide to run some cables round here at some point!

    I’m with BE (a division of O2) and I get approx a 16mb line so when I download of the net I’m getting approx 1.5mb per sec. I can down about 1gb in approx’ 10 mins which can be handy. BE’s service is not BT wholesale but their LLU service.

    I was with Sky but they weren’t able to offer their lower cost LLU service as not availabale at the Hardwick exchange. Check and it will tell you who offers LLU where you are in case your not on Hardwick exchange (Hardwick only has O2\BE and Talk Talk on LLU).

    Hi Griffzilla,

    I’m not too sure that changing your provider is going to solve any problems, as it’s all much the same (ADSL). Is the 120kbs your sync speed or the speed a broadband checker is telling you? If it’s your sync speed, then something is wrong with your line and you need to contact BT or Sky. Although I would replace all of your filters first and unplug everything other than your router just to test if you can get a faster speed.

    If that’s the speed a speed checker is telling you and you have a decent sync speed (I usually sync at about 7mbps, which is very good for ADSL), then you should contact Sky and really let rip at them, because that isn’t acceptable. You should request a new router from them first to see if this will solve the problem. Sky and 02 both have some of the best ratings I’ve seen for domestic broadband so changing may not solve your problem. A good reason not to leave sky (providing you can get your problems solved) is Sky Anytime +, it’s only available to Sky Broadband customers with HD boxes. If you’re not bothered by that, then 02 or Plusnet are good.

    Plusnet is a division of BT but they are a separate network and are usually very very good, they aren’t cheap but are good. personally 02 and Sky have been shown to be faster. But again living in Kingsway it’s all BT Wholesale so it’s pretty much the same thing.

    Don’t forget the more services you have with one company, the more they are likely to look after you. (This is certainly the case with Sky)

    Go to and do a test, my results as of 19:54 are Download 5.94mbps and upload is 0.29mbps using the Coventry hub. I’m on Plusnet Pro so my line should run at line speed all day long. (Sky and 02 are the same)

    Hope this is of some help to you.

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for joining in 🙂

    We had a discussion about broadband last year and several people made suggestions. The thread is here.

    Good luck,

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