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Friday, April 11th, 2008

I tried to start a book club in my old village but sadly there was little interest. They didn’t have a website and a leaflet drop didn’t generate a massive response.

As an avid reader I just wondered if this is something that would be of interest to other residents of Kingsway? If so, I would be pleased to host and manage it. I just need avid readers to come along and make it fun!


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    Hi Clare,

    I’ve created the category for you and moved this post to it 😀

    Good Luck,

    Hi Clive
    For me I think that it is both aspects of a book club that appeal. Not just the selecting the book, and reading/discussing it, but also the social aspect of getting together with others in the local area who have a shared interest.
    But I think that having a Book Club category would be a great idea for those who want to comment between meetings, or don’t have the time/inclination to come to a meeting.

    Publicising the club through this site would be great!


    Hi Folks,

    I know that a big part of the purpose of a Book Club is the social aspect of getting together, but it occurs to me that there may be some local residents who are also avid readers but either don’t have the time/opportunity to get together, or perhaps are a little uncertain of what joining a book club involves… (I’m not 100% certain myself to be honest)!

    So I wondered if it might be a good idea to give a little information about it; what do members do, what happens at meetings etc?

    I’m assuming that you agree on books to read and you go away and read them, then get together to discuss and “review” them (and – obviously – to have a good time – lol).

    If that’s close to correct I was wondering if you might want to use the website to not only publicise the club, but also to discuss/review the books you read?

    It might be interesting to other residents and site users and could perhaps encourage others to join the Club. It would also give other residents the chance to join in if they can’t make the meetings, as well as allowing other people who have perhaps read the book already to give their opinion/review of it and to comment on your review.

    If you’re interested in doing that I’d be happy to create a “Kingsway Book Club” category, so that you can post your reviews and other things discussed at each of your meetings (like – presumably – what’s this month’s book etc)!

    Hi LorL Drop me an e-mail ( and we’ll see if we can get something started, yet another leaflet drop coming on I think!!

    Hi Clare

    I enjoy reading too although don’t always have the time to do as much as I’d like to. I’d be keen to join a book club, it’s also a great way to meet people on the estate 😀
    I wouldn’t mind hosting once in a while too.

    LorL (Darren’s partner)

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