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Monday, May 12th, 2014

Hi Neighbours,

These last 3-4 years have been slightly frantic at my house! With my wife Angel’s (almost) constant migraines, I’ve been busy trying to keep up with everyday household stuff, community work and running my own business and this website; pretty-much in that order, although everything has suffered to some extent!

Several years ago I talked about updating the site and I’ve never yet got around to it.

Recently I have decided to close down my business and am going into partnership with my son David at BartonsWeb (Website Design & Development).

This will give me a little more time (and help), so I’m finally going to get on with some new website design plans, which should make the whole site much easier to navigate, and better to look at!

Amongst other things, I’m also going to be offering FREE advertising to local businesses (Kingsway, Quedgeley, Hardwicke, Tuffley, Waterwells, Copeland Park and Hunts Grove); so if you run a business based in those areas (and offer goods and services for local customers), keep your eyes peeled for more announcements.

Also, if there’s anything you would really like to see (by way of additional facilities etc), please suggest it here.

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    So much for ‘within days’! 😆

    We’ve been working furiously (day and night) to get this finished and are just about ready for launch…
    [edit: Launched Monday April 6th at 18:45pm]

    If you have any comments / questions / complaints about the new version, please let me know here 🙂

    I’m very sorry to all who asked me to post about their Easter events, as many of them are past now! 🙁
    If you want events published quickly, just register, login and post them yourself, (it’s much easier now) 🙂
    Then if you want a poster added, simply email it to me and I can add it to your post in minutes.

    I have tried to remember everything I need to add/change; if there’s something I promised you and didn’t deliver… remind me 😆

    Right now I’m in the middle of upgrading / updating / rebuilding the website, the new version will be launched within days…

    I must apologise to Ash who has submitted a really important post that I need to release; slight delay because I’m ‘mid-upgrade’ and don’t want to risk losing your post… As soon as the site is launched yours will be the first new post published.

    I know it must seem that I haven’t been paying too much attention to the blog lately 😳

    I haven’t had too much time to spare in recent months, so postings have taken something of a back-seat, and I do apologise for that. But I am working furiously behind the scenes in preparation for these changes and I will get back to posting more regularly as soon as I can catch my breath 😕

    Plans are now underway for the site redesign (which will probably take a few more months), but I am now ready to offer the free business advertising 🙂

    Please Note: I am aware that some are experiencing issues with registrations, (caused by my security provisions). If you have a problem, please contact me and I will get you set up.

    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about it, please add them here.

    Hi MSTCQ,

    I’ll email you about this… Not quite ready for you yet but it won’t be long 🙂

    MS Therapy Centre Quedgeley

    I wonder if it would be possible to advertise us on your website please?


    We echo part of the comment above. However, we find the Kingsway Village Facebook Page equally as helpful, and only adds the need of being seen as a positive village with positive residents wishing to show others the benefits of living here!

    Thanks very much yellowhouse, I really appreciate that 🙂

    Good luck Clive. This website is already an invaluable service for Kingsway, at least those of us who want to know what’s going on. Without it there would be only pretty useless facebook pages. It will be great to see it updated and maybe more active in future!

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