Rubbish Bin Problems

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

Can I ask how many people have problems with bins being left out on the streets and pathways?

Am I the only one that walks around Kingsway and is surprised by the amount of bins that are just left out (some permanently)? How much effort does it take to move it within your fence/property line?

I dread to think how many bins have been replaced around here due to being blown away or taken and/or dumped.

So I’m asking the Parish & Glos’ Councils to do something about it.

Can something please be done to address this growing problem?

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    Hi Sam,

    I have created a post about this (as promised)!

    Please see HERE

    (Comments closed here… Please continue discussion via above link)!

    Hi Sam,

    No, you’re not the only one.

    I saw (your?) facebook post about this a few days ago and I was clicking around trying to find some legislation or mention of the subject.

    I was planning to write an article on here, and link to it in the (facebook) conversation as my reply… So I made a start – and then I was struck by raging toothache – so I gave up and went to bed 😕

    Now that you’ve posted here (thank you), you’ve reminded me about it and I will take another look 🙂


    Sam Please Note:
    You’ll see I edited your post a little (for editorial reasons).
    If you dislike or disagree with any of the changes, (or you’d like to know more about why I made them) just ask 🙂


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