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Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

barker77 posted a comment (now moved below this article) saying he’d noticed plans to build a petrol station next to the existing Asda store in Kingsway… (Thanks Paul).

I had heard something about this, but not yet got around to researching, so I took a quick look around… First of all, the planning document he linked to says:

Reference: 14/01122/FUL
Alternative Reference: PP-03668716
Application Received: 19 Sep 2014
Address: Asda Supermarket Kingsway Business Park Newhaven Road Quedgeley Gloucester GL2 2SN
Proposal: Development of an automated petrol filling station.
Status: Pending Consideration

They plan to add an automated (24 hour) self-service style (card-pay only) petrol station, in the corner of their land nearest to the roundabout.

HERE is the visual plan showing where it will be built.
HERE is the GCC planning document on the GCC website – (allows you to log in and comment on it).
Barry Kirby murmured about it HERE.

Personally I don’t mind. The idea of a (supermarket-priced) petrol station closer than Quedgeley Tesco’s is appealing, but the positioning they’ve chosen on their site doesn’t seem right to me. I would have thought that the back-end of the car park would have made much more sense for numerous reasons: Less likely to clog up the Asda exit with traffic/tankers in the daytime, safer in case of incidents/accidents etc, less likely to attract attention from passers-by, not to mention that it’s right in your face as you enter Kingsway rather than discreetly off to your right!

Also the traffic coming into Kingsway to shop at Asda – coupled with the traffic coming through Kingsway for Naas Lane, (which is worse than the former I think) is already causing long tailbacks on the A38 during peak times. Not that I mind waiting, but a queue on a dual carriageway is always dangerous in bad weather/poor visibility etc!

Finally, just a little concerned that we’ll have both tankers and delivery trucks waiting out on the road… (I hope not)!

What do you think?

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    I agree with you there YH… I’m glad we don’t live too close!

    The positioning doesn’t seem to make too much sense… I guess they have their reasons though 😐

    Having looked at the plans more carefully, it looks like the petrol station would be about 54m (not 40m) from the nearest residential properties, with the nearest pump about 68m away. Not as bad as I thought, but who would want to live so close to a petrol station?

    I’m a frequent purchaser of Asda petrol (at Cribbs Causeway) so I should be in favour, but this is the wrong location!
    Harmful fumes from petrol stations have been found to spread 50-100m (see here), but the proposed location seems to be only about 40m from the nearest properties in Kingsway.

    Thanks Paul,

    Your comment spurred me on to write about this… So I moved it here.

    What do you think about the plans?

    Asda Petrol Station

    Just noticed that there are plans in to build a petrol station next to the existing Asda store in Kingsway.

    More details here.

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