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Friday, February 12th, 2010

On December 18th (in this post), I mentioned that my "Article Submission" facility was playing up… again!

After wasting lots of time trying various solutions and workarounds suggested by the software creator, I finally got fed up and made one of my own :mrgreen: The new method may seem more complicated at first but is – in reality – a far better solution.

Amongst other things, improvements include a "Top (20) Contributors" list (right-hand menu column) with links to Author Archives, allowing you to list all posts by any specific author.

What’s more, I’ve worked my way through every post to date and made sure that each post/article is attributed to the correct author (even those that I posted on behalf of other users when the facility was down in the past).

I’ve also added a function to (automatically) include the author’s name below all post titles, so you can easily see who made each post.

The old "Article Submissions" form page (now entitled "Submit A Post"), now includes comprehensive instructions, general rules and a guide to using the Author Archives etc, so please feel free to give it a try and let me know (here) if you see any problems or have any further suggestions on the subject.


One Response to “Article Submissions”

    Hi Folks,

    I had an email from carpo18mav who was concerned about her real name being displayed in the "Top (20) Contributors" list, rather than her nickname.

    I checked with the software author and – at present – it’s not possible to change it to display nicknames, but he has promised to add this option in the next edition, which is due out very soon.

    Meanwhile, if it’s a problem for anybody else, simply login, go to your profile page (under "Users") and take your real name out…

    Or add a request here and I’ll remove it for you.


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