Art Scam Hits Kingsway

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015

I just wanted to warn everyone in Kingsway about a scam that has done the rounds tonight 3rd October 2015:

A young man and his colleague both from Israel will gladly and very charmingly show you some lovely oil paintings. They will claim these paintings are worth a lot of money but because they are “pre-gallery” you would be able to purchase them at a fraction of the price they will be once displayed in the gallery. Fact: These paintings are mass produced in China for about £7.00 each and can be found for sale on eBay for about £4.00.

Now for the shocking part: We were asked for £190.00 for each of the paintings we liked the look of and a bit less for some of the smaller ones. I am now ashamed to admit I have parted with £230.00 cash and a cheque for £155.00 (now stopped). I know I will never see this cash again but in all fairness we do actually like the paintings we have. I know they are not worth what we paid, but as with any art who is to say how much something is worth?

Yes we have been conned and we have learned the hard way but if this can stop them from doing it to other residents in Kingsway at least I can feel satisfied they will have a hard time trying to sell any more. This will in turn make ours more unique. These young men claim to be staying in Cheltenham but they are going to be moving on fairly soon to study elsewhere. Perhaps the local media should warn the rest of Gloucestershire about this too.

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One Response to “Art Scam Hits Kingsway”

    Hi MSPCR,

    Thanks for posting about this, always good to know what’s the latest scam doing the rounds.

    I’m sorry you feel that way about it though. After all, even if these are “mass-produced in China for £7 each”, if they’re oil paintings and you like them, they’re worth what you paid. As you say, it’s art… all about personal taste I think!

    Frankly I’d be way more ashamed if I’d paid £2,500,000 for Tracey Emin’s old bed :mrgreen:


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