Kingsway School Admissions for 2008

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

As the Headteacher of Kingsway Primary School I thought I would just let everyone know that you can now apply for places at the school.
Although, much has been published about the delayed opening, we already have 25 confirmed reception pupils starting in September 2008 and 40 expressions of interest for Years 1 to 6 which I will be confirming this week.
While this delay is frustrating for everyone, I hope that parents continue to sign up to their local primary school – it really is stunning and well worth the wait!
If you require a place at the school and have not already approached the Admission Team at Shire Hall, you need to write to the following address to request a place:
Kingsway Primary School
c/o Shire Hall,
Westgate Street,
GL2 2TP.
I will then send you an application form and I can add you to the list and start mailing you information. Alternatively, email and I will email you the form back.
There are 15 places available at the school in every yeargroup and I am already nearly full in some yeargroups so do apply as a matter of urgency. If you are not successful in getting one of the 15 places in your yeargroup, do not worry. There is an appeal process which I can talk you through and it is likely you will be successful.
If any resident wants to contact me about any other school issues, then just use the contacts above and I will reply asap.
Take care everyone!
Mrs Paula Needham

2 Responses to “Kingsway School Admissions for 2008”

    I am so sorry that you have been confused by the application procedure.

    If you want a place for your son at the school then you need to complete an application form and send it back to me at:

    Kingsway Primary School,
    c/o Shire Hall,
    Westgate Street,
    GL2 2TP

    On receipt of this, I can allocate you a place.

    Please email for the application form.

    That is it.

    Mrs Needham
    01452 425077

    Hi Paula,
    Could you let me know when my son, who is in year 3, could start as I have been told a few different things by ‘shire hall? I know the school has had its opening time delayed but they said he could start in November and they would send me a form, now its "January" and I have to wait until the school opens to apply for a place! But other people already have places for their year 3 children and I’m a little confused… Please help.
    My email address is
    Louise x

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