Accident on Thatcham Avenue

Friday, December 5th, 2008

Has anyone any news on the accident halfway down Thatcham Avenue last night (03-12-08)? I just hope the young motorclist was not too badly injured.

What I could see was the Police and Ambulance were in attendance with all the traffic backed up on Thatcham Avenue, which makes me think back to the old question about the illegally parked cars blocking the road in Thatcham Avenue; if those cars had not been there, traffic could have still got through.

This has been an accident waiting to happen. I have seen these young lads going past our house at very high speeds. It’s about time we had a 20mph speed limit on Thatcham or what about a few speed humps on the road to stop Mr Barry Sheen and his friends going so fast.


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    Working for the emergency services I can only emphasis that inconsiderate parking wastes seconds off a response time. Also not having your house number easily readable from the road on a dark night causes uneccesary delays. Especially on new housing estates where sat nav doesnt work and road maps not avaliable.

    This question of speed humps… I have just returned from a walk around Kingsway and I noticed that the roads facing the railway lines have sectional speed humps bolted on to the road.
    Why put them there to slow down traffic when they could be better used on Thatcham Avenue which I have always understood to be one of the main roads through Kingsway?

    I think the road is called Goose Bay with probably about 20 cars a day using that stretch of road.
    So if the roads are still owned by the developers and not adopted by the local authorities yet, they could – as a good will gesture – put 1 or even 2 as a temporary measure; you never know they could save someone’s life one day!

    I was one of those drivers “backed up” after the accident. I do hope that the person who was injured was ok. Especially as he seemend to be waiting for quite a while for the ambulance etc. But I could also see that a lot of people were helping out with blankets and the like.

    As for the speed limit/parking issue, in this case, the parking made no difference, due to where it was, and the other vehicles involved, the traffic will have been backed up anyway. The speed limit issue, what difference will a 20 sign make as opposed to the 30 limit that is nominally in force (though I don’t believe its enforcable). At the end of the day, if people are going to speed over 30 then they will just speed over 20. I think the measures in place are quite good, except when you get inconsiderate drivers who ignore the priority signs (and that is old and young drivers alike).

    This is the first i’ve heard of the accident and lets hope its the last accident we hear of here in Kingsway!

    Clive, in response to your comment, whilst there are residents who abide by the yellow lines – there are unfortunately those who still choose to ignore them. Particularly at the junction of Thatacham Avenue by the roundabout. As previously mentioned on this blog, this is a nightmare when trying to navigate your way off the roundabout and onto Thatcham. With all the cars parked it is extremely difficuly to see oncoming traffic. For residents as well as emergency vehicles.

    A speed reduction sounds a good idea!

    Hi lja,

    No problem – nor any need to apologise – I fully agree that parking in such a way as to restrict access for emergency vehicles is both irresponsible and potentially lethal.

    There are (relevant) issues with road ownership, parking facilities and parking restrictions which make it difficult – at the moment – to do anything other than keep bringing this to people’s attention in the hope that they will behave more responsibly.

    As far as the RA is concerned, we will – of course – keep on about it and can perhaps become more effective in this respect if/when we are in a position to start publishing a periodical newsletter.

    However (with all due respect), the issue in this thread is about parked cars stopping others from being able to pass once the emergency vehicles were on-site; so the Police and Ambulance didn’t have any problem attending the scene, but their presence – coupled with parked cars – caused problems for people wishing to pass the obstruction.

    If – as I surmised earlier – those cars were parked in unrestricted places, it’s simply an issue of patience, (in which case I can’t help but be reminded of the woman who complained about Angelina having an accident and blocking the road when she was late for a meeting) 🙄

    With regards to the emergency services, I have posted on this website before about parking so they can get access.

    If anyone wants to have a walk/drive around Halton Way off Woodvale you will see for yourselves that the inconsiderate way that people park, any fire appliance will not get through!! They simply will not fit. These are the only accesses that they have to get through to houses. Those extra, vital seconds it takes to detour back around/get people to move, all of the houses in Halton Way, Digby Green or Leeming Walk will be burnt down or worse, someone will perish.

    Someone (emergency services/house builders/ RA) needs to make residents aware of the dangers of not leaving enough room for these large appliances to get through to the backs of houses.

    I reiterate to all once again – Use Your Driveways or Garages!! park that little bit further up the road and walk the small distance to your front doors, it could be your house that you need a fire putting out and they cannot get through.

    Sorry to be so morbid!!

    Hi Tog,

    My neighbour mentioned an accident late in the afternoon but didn’t have any details about it.

    You mention the subject of "illegally parked cars" but I haven’t seen any evidence of cars parking on double-yellow lines since sections of them were removed to allow some parking… are you sure that the cars you’re talking about weren’t just parked in those spots?

    I’m pretty-much certain that speed humps will not be on the agenda; nowadays the Local Authorities prefer the use of "Pinch Points" because speed humps cause a danger themselves (not to mention causing damage to vehicles… which is why the humps in Quedgeley are destined never to be replaced once they have worn down)!
    From the sound of it, the existing road surface is already doing a good job of deterring speeding anyway (maybe too good)!

    As for the speed limit; 20mph would be good I think, (so long as it’s enforced).

    Let’s just hope that the victim isn’t badly hurt and has learned from the experience.

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