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Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

The A38 had both carriageways completely closed today, from the main junction at Bristol Road down to Waterwells, due to an accident.

I don’t know how long it was closed for but effectively the estate was cut off; no-one could leave or enter! Consider people with appointments. What would have happened if it ocurred when people are leaving for or returning from work or the school run.

Surely there needs to be a secondary driveable way off and onto the estate for 900 occupied houses, probably 2000 persons and 1600 cars.

We come back again to the Naas lane link. Can’t the Police, Fire Brigade or Council have some authority over this for safety reasons?


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    This morning I have had a discussion with Gloucestershire Highways about the junction and they are going to run their evaluation process to determine what they can do about it.

    I will keep you all informed as it progresses 😉

    Having looked at the phasing a number of times to see if there was a chance that it was something to do with the lights changing too quickly or anything like that, I have seen that they are perfectly fine. The main problem is that people jump the lights. Indeed while I was observing, there was a large lorry that was not even an “amber gambling” but just jumped the red light at speed!

    In the first instance I think that Traffic Light Cameras are in order and I will chase that up as soon as I can to see what is required. I also want to look at the pedestrian crossing to see if it is really necessary. Why not go under the bridge? But I have not walked that yet so do not know where it ends up on the Quedgeley side.
    The other issue is access roads – I did use the contractor route and it is not brilliant. I will bring this up again with QUVL and see about sensible solutions to this issue.

    That crossing is dangerous, end of discussion! Who ever put it there needs to be sacked staight away! It’s bad road planning! The speed limit on that road is 70 MPH for crying out loud! Teenagers think they can walk out in front of you with out any regard for the cars or their life. Get hit at 70 and then tell me you are invincible. I don’t like seeing people waiting there to cross that junction, it only takes one idiot to wreck a life.

    In terms of the junction just being for cars, I don’t really see it as being a problem, no more so than any other junction. You always get risk takers, people jump lights all of the time. Again, one way we are going to help prevent it is to put a camera on the junction, each car that jumps the red light gets to feel the force of the law. (Hopefully ban the person so they will think twice! Life is far to fragile and precious to be lost by a mindless idiot).

    holbeach miserable
    April 7, 2010 at 11:50 am

    If the accident is due to a bike crossing the carriageway, then again this is not due to a bad road, this is due to bad ‘road sense’ by the cyclist. Which comes down to education. When I was at school we had cycling proficiency tests for free. We all brought our bikes to school, and we had lessons on how to ride safely. I can only assume that this is a costly measure, and has since been cut from schools.
    If it is simply a collision between car & Bike when both are travelling in the same direction, then what do we do?

    Green cross code man… We laugh now when we think back at the advert’s, but hey, we all knew the dangers of the road (and traffic was much lighter in those days, so the danger was actually less).

    On a side note, I assume that I am not alone in seeing ridiculous behavior from teens these days? Many a time I have been driving down the road, and teens will just wander into the road and just stare at you whilst walking! They seem to think it is ‘Big’ to force a car to brake sharply to avoid them! Are they too stupid to understand that a 1.5 tonne car travelling at 25/30 MPH will do a whole load of damage to a body weighing 80kg if they both come into contact with each other?

    I agree with your comment on the Tesco crossing. The crossing in question was inherently dangerous, having to cross traffic on foot, with no traffic lights etc to stop traffic, but this is totally different from the Kingsway junction on the A38.

    On natural selection, if there is a path which gives a safe crossing point but you choose to take a less safe shortcut and get wiped out by a car, then you have assessed the risk and chosen to take the gamble… you have to live with the consequences. You dont want to get hit, then walk the extra yards… Easy!

    Occasionally accidents happen, yes you are right.

    The driver who drove into the wall down Woodvale was an accident – caused by a bad driver. Luckily this is an occasional accident, it’s not happened again – taking into consideration the speed at which repairs are made in this place, we’d have no wall left.

    At the junction, we have had the accident last night, the white Audi a couple of weeks ago, the motorbike accident in the same week, the accident back in November, there was also a minor one I saw a couple of months ago, then add on the near misses, where impact was avoided. I personally don’t consider these to be occasional accidents. They are also pretty serious ones if todays article in The Citizen is to be taken into consideration.

    If these accidents (injuries/deaths) can be avoided, whether it be by waving a flag (I think the guy is a little over the top) or a few extra signs to prevent “Human Error” then surely its worth doing?

    Barry has just won a victory after Tescos promised action over “dangerous pedestrian access”. He did this to prevent an accident happening here. From what you’re saying this should be left as “accidents happen”, there is a path, you just need to walk further… Or maybe we go with your theory of Natural Selection?

    holbeach miserable
    April 6, 2010 at 9:37 pm


    The junction is safe, all the lights are phased correctly.

    Occasionally accidents happen and the majority of the time accidents are due to human error.

    So what do we do, have a guy walking in front of a car waving a flag?

    It’s nothing to do with people travelling fast, there’s a 70mph limit on the road and even then, when the lights turn to amber, there is plenty of time to stop.

    Bad drivers cause accidents, not the road itself.

    What an absolute load of rubbish and a completely stupid thing to say.
    I hope that poor guy tonight wasn’t anybody you know.

    How about we just remove the traffic lights, have a free for all and just hope you’re not taken out by survival of the “fastest”! Then again…

    Oh sorry, rant over!

    holbeach miserable
    April 6, 2010 at 7:46 pm


    The problem we have at the moment is that due to our health & safety culture, people want to mitigate all risks. The fact of life is that things that we do have consequences, and people need to get understand this, rather than just trying to change everything and blaming road planners etc.
    Let’s just let natural selection take its course and deal with the population.

    Rant over.

    I was shot down in flames when back in November I said I thought this junction was dangerous.

    I appreciate that these accidents are the fault of the drivers, however the fact that there have been so many accidents at this junction lately, surely implies that something needs to be done here. It is always the same occuring, jumping the red lights…

    Prevent these accidents happening – stop the road from being closed – no need to stress about other access!

    holbeach miserable
    April 6, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    Yet again… Road closed due to an accident at the traffic lights, and the fact that there is only one way in and one way out, all the residents of Kingsway are inconvienenced and have to either:

    a) Park up and abandon your car and walk.
    b) Drive through the construction road, which has pot holes that are potentially damaging to your car.

    Just open the damned link road!

    Hi Baz,

    I’ll drop it in later this morning.

    Cheers buddy, but can you bring it up by Fri lunchtime, or can I pick it up as I have a meeting with Parmjhit Dhanda on Fri afternoon to hand it over.

    Hi Baz… 😆 I have yours and will bring it up on Friday 😀

    What a great idea. Everyone seems to be into Parliamentary petitions at the moment 😉

    The Gloucester Housing Association (backed by the Guiness Trust) have organised a petition (which they intend to present to the Governement) to try to get something done about this urgently.

    Their Podsmead area resident representative (Mike Reid) will be attending the Residents Association Meeting this Friday (27/11) looking for volunteers to help to get the petition circulated throughout the Village (and surrounding areas).

    I agree that it is the users rather than the junction that is dangerous. Having said said that I think the sliproads could be longer; particularly going North. It can be difficult to get into the right hand lane if all the cars in that lane are going at 70 mph. When you are in the right hand lane you either have to keep up with the traffic speed and slow down fairly quick at the red lights to turn right or go slower and annoy the faster travelling cars…

    …More reason to open up the Naas Lane entrance.

    During the day you can get in and out by using the builders route that takes you into Naas lane but QUVL do not like us using it and it’s a very wet and muddy road / track throught the private land.

    Since Andy left QUVL have installed a barrier and started to lock the barrier onto the industrial estate at night and weekends.

    I understand from planning there will be further roads through to Waterwells, but it’s all up to QUVL regarding if and when we might get them.
    We can say that’s going to be a long time coming!

    I always check this junction and other red light junctions – In case an emergency vehicle is coming…
    i think no matter what happens it will take a lot of work to have them open up the road unless you had a pettion to show them that ‘ residents ‘ do want this open. Which a lot of us do.
    I managed to come through the bollard as it was down!!!! Someone had driven into it…. Silly fool.

    holbeach miserable
    November 6, 2009 at 4:43 pm

    I suppose they could have directed the traffic through the building contractors enterance at the back of waterwells.

    Didnt think of trying that myself! I just parked behind Matalan.

    I was having a new bed delivered that day, and I had a call from the delivery drivers to say they couldn’t get in to Kingsway, but then they arrived at my front door!? The drivers said they had “opened a road near some country lanes” all I could figure is that thay had open the road that links Kingsway to Waterwells.

    But I agree! The only way in or out of Kingsway is from the A38, kinda scary to think about it!

    holbeach miserable
    November 6, 2009 at 1:32 pm


    There is nothing dangerous about the junction, its the drivers that are dangerous. This accident was caused by a driver jumping the red lights heading towards the motorway, when a van got a green light and started to pull across the junction, with the inevitable consequences.

    Moral of the story, always look left and right even though you have a green light!

    I’m not sure what the cause of this accident was, but am I the only one who had thought that it was only a matter of time before an accident occured at this junction.

    The number of near misses my husband and I have witnessed, due to people not realising/noticing a red light and ploughing through the traffic lights, must now be in double figures.

    Are we the only ones that think this is a dangerous junction?

    holbeach miserable
    November 6, 2009 at 10:04 am


    I echo your comments about the 2nd exit/entry, for info, residents were being allowed to exit and head doen the A38 towards bristol road, but I wasnt allowed re-entry and told to park in Tuffley and walk!!!

    Not to take anything away from the gravity of the situation, as the accident was very nasty, but maybe we can use this to our advantage and demonstrate that it is not just a theoretical situation, but it now is a reality.

    Also (And not that I agree with man-made global warming) we should through in the green element, the additional distance to do the round route to Naas lane is almost 1 mile, I drive this route every day, how many other drivers are doing this “Un-needed” mileage?

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