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Kingsway Cycling Club

June 9th, 2014 by Clive

The Kingsway Cycling Club met for the first time on Sunday 8th June and had a great turn out (not to mention some outstanding sunshine) for their inaugural ride.

Kingsway Cycling Club

The club will meet for a road ride at 9am every Sunday, at the Kingsway local centre in Thatcham Ave’.

Beginners and experienced riders welcome, no one will be left behind! So come and have fun, get some exercise, and meet fellow cyclists!


You’ll find more information (and contact details) on their Facebook Page.

Road Surfacing Brize Avenue and Goose Bay Drive

June 4th, 2014 by QUVL Project Manager

Just to inform everyone that the final surfacing of Brize Avenue and Goose Bay Drive, from Thatcham Avenue to Buckenham Walk, will be carried out next week. Access may be restricted or diverted during the day, with diversions through Linton Avenue being implemented to ensure that all properties can be accessed.

Thank you for all your patience with these works, by the end of next week – 13 June, the surfacing should be complete with no more raised ironworks in these roads.

If you have any concerns during the works, please contact the QUVL Kingsway (number noted on home page).


Andy Smith

Car Damage

June 2nd, 2014 by Neil

Hi, I’ve been reading this forum for a few years and have just managed to register, sorry it’s a bit of a sour note for my first post.

I read reports on the Facebook group – Watch: Quedgeley, Kingsway, Hardwicke, that there had been several cars damaged on Kinloss Drive and Chivenor on May 30th, and I can also add that there were 2 cars damaged (one wing mirror and another car with a smashed rear passenger window) on Farnborough Close (The bit still marked as Brize Avenue on Google Maps, to the roundabout before the bridge to Tuffley), probably somewhere between 9pm and 10pm. The first of these cars was parked very close to the bridge itself and so I’m assuming the perpetrators either came from or were going to Tuffley.

This seems too coincidental not to be related so I would assume someone has just been causing random damage on their way through the estate.

I post this as a warning so people can keep an eye on their vehicles and to see if anyone else has any further information on the route these people took so we can assess the scale of the damage.

Fibre Broadband Providers (Marham Drive)

May 27th, 2014 by PotatoPete


Can anybody living in Marham Drive recommend either BT or Sky for fibre broadband please? I am looking for an unlimited fast connection that will be good enough for on line Xbox gaming (plus my kids using YouTube)!

BT can provide unlimited Infinity 2 at 76mbps, whereas SKY has fibre unlimited at either 38mb or 76mb.

I have my concerns about BT as they are reported to throttle speeds even though they say they don’t? But the router provided is supposed to be good.

As for Sky, the router is supposed to be rubbish with WIFI strengths (which is where most of my internet connection is through). But I have heard they are better than BT for broadband?

I have also heard that in both cases, particularly with Sky you can only use their routers to access the internet. There are some reports of people using their own hardware, but apparently it’s an effort to get the settings off the providers kit to input in your own hardware?

Also how much hardware do they actually provide you with? Is SKY just the combined router/hub? But does BT have a router and the hub separately?

I was just trying to get a idea of what people might be using in Marham Drive (or even Kingsway) so that I can make my mind up, thank you.

I am currently using Virgin ADSL to access the internet with a BT phone line rental. But lately the connection has got so bad that I can barely get on line especially in the evening. After ringing them, there is nothing they can do to make it better as they are not providing fibre in Kingsway any time soon. This is the best package they can offer, so my only option is to find another provider.


Kingsway Community Gardeners Needed

May 12th, 2014 by Clive

There have been a few comments on here and elsewhere, regarding the loss of the community garden.

I have also become involved in the Kingsway Community Builder scheme (more on that later)…

One of the things we noticed quite early on is how many Kingsway Residents list gardening as one of their favourite hobbies, with several people saying that they’d like to get involved with a community garden project.

So we are planning to start something in TWO areas:

1. The (huge piece of) land at Valley Gardens diagonally opposite to Tesco Express.

2. The Kingsway Roundabout (at the entrance from the A38… the one that used to look like this website’s banner)!

If anyone is interested in getting involved, please comment here, or contact John Gow (Community Builder) or me via Facebook.

Blog Updates, Busy Times and Web Design

May 12th, 2014 by Clive

Hi Neighbours,

These last 3-4 years have been slightly frantic at my house! With my wife Angel’s (almost) constant migraines, I’ve been busy trying to keep up with everyday household stuff, community work and running my own business and this website; pretty-much in that order, although everything has suffered to some extent!

Several years ago I talked about updating the site and I’ve never yet got around to it.

Recently I have decided to close down my business and am going into partnership with my son David at BartonsWeb (Website Design & Development).

This will give me a little more time (and help), so I’m finally going to get on with some new website design plans, which should make the whole site much easier to navigate, and better to look at!

Amongst other things, I’m also going to be offering FREE advertising to local businesses (Kingsway, Quedgeley, Hardwicke, Tuffley, Waterwells, Copeland Park and Hunts Grove); so if you run a business based in those areas (and offer goods and services for local customers), keep your eyes peeled for more announcements.

Also, if there’s anything you would really like to see (by way of additional facilities etc), please suggest it here.

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